Welcome, and thank you for watching this video! In our TnT video for resource managers, Amanda will review the most commonly used functions by resource managers to perform the functions of their role in Microsoft Project Online. When it comes to the role of the Resource Manager in the context of Microsoft Project Online, there is much to consider. This is because project online provides considerable capabilities aimed at helping resource managers function in their role.

Resource Engagement Requests

Requests for resources may be accepted, rejected, or modified based on the complete picture of the resource and assignment requirements.

After a project manager submits a request for a resource (engagement request), the resource manager needs to review the details of the request in Microsoft PPM, then decide appropriately. The decision is typically based on the assignment details (demand, duration, start date, finish date) as well as the specific skills required for the assignment. Most often the project manager will specify the skill required as well as other data points, and from there the resource manager will identify the specific resource that will fulfill the requirements of the request.

Managing the Resource Pool

The Capacity planning views in Project Web App located in Resource Center are packed with information from which resource managers determine a resources remaining availability to work on projects vs. how many hours are needed on a project. It’s always a good idea for resource managers to check these views on a regular basis to stay ahead of potential overallocation issues as projects are managed and tracked.

View Resources and Build Teams.

The team is those resources selected to be part of a specific project in order to perform the work of the project. This process may or may not be used in conjunction with resource requests, and is the process of identifying specific resources to work on a project and using the Build Team from Enterprise functionality to add them to the project team. This function is performed in either Microsoft Project professional or when using the Web editing features of Project Web App.