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May 6, 2021

Automate Business Processes With Power Automate

Automating processes have become one of the most vital aspects of conducting business in the past couple of years. Chances are, if you've not considered ways to automate business processes, you're wasting time and losing money.

But understanding these solutions and implementing them is easier said than done. You need the support and experience of experts to understand things like data sources, automation platforms and create automated workflows.

These solutions are also only possible through dedicated software, like Power Automate.

That's why we've written this guide to let you know what exactly Power Automate is. Then, we've gone into its features as well as its many benefits for businesses today.

What is Power Automate?

Power Automate helps automate business processes

Power Automate is one of many software business solutions designed and provided by Microsoft.  

It serves as a fundamental part of Microsoft's Power Platform, which is a "Must Have" for businesses today.  The Power Platform is a group of several business software solutions. You may have heard this group referred to as the Power Apps.

Some of the other Power Platform solutions you might have heard of include:

  • Power BI for visualizing data
  • Power Apps for coding custom business applications
  • Power Virtual Agents for writing chatbots
  • Power Automate which is what we're focusing on in this post

Power Automate is designed to aid in the automation of workflow processes for businesses via business process automation (BPA). It works via a no-code approach, meaning it's more accessible than some other Microsoft solutions for workflow automation and business process management automation solutions.

It's designed to help you create automated workflows between all of the applications you typically use, such as Microsoft Teams. This can create a full system of automation for your company in terms of how you manage your business, which helps increase efficiencies.

Now that you know what Power Automate is, let's go into some of its features to explain how it does.

How Does Power Automate Automate Business Processes?

Create a Power Automate flow to promote a Project Request to a Project List in Project for the Web

Microsoft Power Automates main feature is known as flow creation.

A Microsoft flow is a process that you can create, which is then automated through your applications. This is how you're able to link applications and automate their processes.

It can then achieve advanced solutions such as task planner creation and other business managerial functions.

The solution allows you to create customized flows through apps and services like Microsoft Teams, Email, Forms, and more. The flow then provides a way for these applications to interact with each other, independent of your input.  Just think of an automation solution assisting with task management for your sales team and beyond.

This can get very advanced with implementing things like AI builder, which allows you to create AI-infused flows. We imagine that all of this sounds very complicated.

Though Power Automate is an approachable piece of software, it can be complex for first-time users. Even with its simple point-and-click UI, the idea of automating processes can be daunting.

This is why it's typically advisable to outsource support if you're looking at implementing Power Automate in your business.

Which you should be doing since Power Automate provides numerous benefits for businesses today.

Benefits of Power Automate:

Increased Productivity With Less Effort and Time

The first major benefit of properly using Power Automate lies in the increased level of productivity you'll receive. Automation in its many forms has been proven to increase productivity in numerous different business sectors.

What's particularly appealing about this fact is that this increase comes at the cost of no extra effort. This is because processes are acting independently of themselves, without input by you or your employees.

You can rely on the Microsoft flow links created by Power Automate to automate project tasks that would've otherwise taken time out of your workday. This can include calendar scheduling, as well as marketing launches and other larger business matters.

A properly automated workflow can save your company an incredible amount of time, creating financial value in the long run. A digital transformation is now underway.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

what are the benefits of a project portfolio management system based on microsoft project online

This increased automation has a knock-on effect on your employees.

It means that tasks they'd ordinarily have to spend time on are now being handled by automated processes. That then allows them more time to focus on the aspects of their role that really matter.

It can create a more positive working environment for everyone at your company. This then works towards creating an even more productive environment than was already created by automation. 

Your employees will likely feel reinvigorated, which can boost their creativity levels. Hopefully, this can help you spot core ways to improve your products or services moving forward.

Allows For Data-Driven Decision Making

Finally, another major benefit of Power Automate lies in how the ability to automate repetitive tasks creates new data for your company.

As these processes are automated, data is being automatically recorded for you. This can include marketing data, scheduling data, workflows, and a great deal more.

This is data that you wouldn't have ordinarily been able to keep track of if you weren't using Power Automate. What's incredible is that you're then able to take this collated data and use it to assess potential changes in your company.

You can see in real-time what's working, as well as what isn't. Your automation system will tell you whether this may be in terms of your employee schedules and who works best at what times.

Or, it could be how your customers interact with you if you've automated the onboarding process. All of this data can be channeled into significant evolution for your company.

Power Automate then provides the foundation for colossal future developments for your company.

Where Can I Find Out More About Power Automate?

You should now know what Power Automate is and how it can automate business processes for your company. You should also now know the many benefits this automation can have for your business.

But if you're hesitant to try using it yourself, the team here at Integent can help. We provide comprehensive support for several Microsoft solutions, including Dynamic 365 as well as the Power Apps and Power Automate.

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