Using Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Project Online, Power Automate, and SharePoint for Project Intake

In this video we use Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Project Online, a SharePoint ideation list and Microsoft Flow (Microsoft Power Automate) to facilitate Project Intake with alerts and a Teams channel post.

The premise of this solution starts with the creation of a Project Management Office (PMO) MS Teams site. This site will be used by the PMO to triage incoming project requests. An Office 365 group is automatically created for the PMO site upon creating the Team. And users are added to this group as members are added to the PMO team.

Another component of the solution includes a SharePoint list. The list is used to initiation projects that will, if they meet certain criteria, will be pushed into Microsoft Project Online as a project. The SharePoint list will be exposed in a Project Request tab we create in the PMO Microsoft Teams team.

We use Microsoft Flow (Which is now called Microsoft Power Automate), to send an email alert to the members of the PMO Office 365 group list created earlier. The email body will contain a link to the request item in the SharePoint list. We also code the Power Automate workflow to post a message to the PMO MS Teams channel at the same time the alert is sent. This way we are sure members of the PMO are informed the moment a new project request has been submitted and someone on the team should interact with it.

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