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Microsoft Project Online Migration

Optimize your Microsoft Project Online platform to the fullest with Integent's expert service and support.
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Microsoft Project Online Migration

A move to Microsoft Project Online has many advantages. Firstly, security and stability updates be applied automatically and on a regular schedule, leaving customers to focus on the business. Secondly, Microsoft Project Online customers are the first to receive functionality improvements; such as the recently introduced Agile capabilities. Having the infrastructure managed completely by Microsoft is a huge benefit as well, and Integent’s Microsoft Project Online Migration Consulting can get you there.
Moving an instance of Microsoft Project Server to the Microsoft cloud may be complex process. Ultimately this would depend on the volume of data and the reports currently in use.

As well as the amount of acceptable downtime to the business, among other things. Ultimately, this is why it is important to work with a partner who has successfully performed these migrations with other customers.

For instance, reporting options in Microsoft Project Online have changed from on-premise. Therefore, identifying what a customer is using for reports today is a critical step in the process.

Most importantly, determining how to replicate much needed reports in Microsoft Project Online is an important step in the process. Excel and Power BI are the two most often used reporting technologies for Project Online.  How will any gaps in reporting requirements be met?

Likewise, understanding these items up front will lead to a much more streamlined process. Some of the ways we help include:

  • Accurately define the scope of the migration to determine any required gaps.  As well as how to close them.
  • Does the customer use the Project Sites to store documents?  If so, what volume of documents exists?
  • Determine what reports are in use today, and ensure a strategy for them in Project Online.  Consequently, any reports using complex SQL queries may require the use of a Data Mart.
  • Is the customer using single sign-on, Active Directory synchronization?
  • What customizations does the current system have today that may impact the migration?

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The Microsoft Project Online Migration Process

Integent’s process for a migration to the cloud usually involves performing the migration process twice.

Development Migration

The first migration can be referred to the development migration.  This migration helps uncover issues that may be encountered during the process of migrating to the project online tenant.

For instance, project schedules from the previous project management solution may not migrate correctly. For example, are we unable to open projects after the migration with Microsoft Project Professional?  Perhaps items in the SharePoint Project Sites fail during migration, such as documents.  Similarly, a lookup table may not come over correctly or even a project portfolio analysis is missing.

Although all migrations have challenges, migrating from earlier versions of Project Server bring up even more challenges.  Consequently, a Project Server 2007 to Project Online migration provides some unique challenges.  Subsequently, the route taken in your migration may require a Project Server 2007 to Project Server 2010 migration first.  In short, this depends on whether the migration path taken involves any type of migration tools.

A Project Server 2013 to project online migration, however, is a bit less complex.

The importance of encountering and resolving these issues during the development migration cannot be understated.  That is to say, resolving project and SharePoint data issues is important to the team. Most importantly, because it helps determine the length of time the production migration will take.  Above all, we want a smooth and condensed production migration.

The development migration does not typically require migrating the entirety of the customers data.  What it does entail is a full migration of the configuration and resources, with a subset of projects and SharePoint data.

Development Validation

Once the development migration has been completed it is time to validate the results. The validation is first performed by the Integent team during and after migration activities have taken place. Firstly, validation includes a review of all custom fields, SharePoint content (documents, issues, risks), Resources, System Views, and Project Schedules.

Once the Integent team has completed migration activities and internal validation, the customer will become involved in validation. Most importantly, the customer be involved in order to confirm the success of the migration themselves and gain their buy-in.
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Production Migration

Upon completion of the development validation the production migration is performed.  Likewise, the process is the similar to the development with a couple caveats.

  • If using one instance of Project Online, some of the previously migrated data will be cleaned.  Secondly, all data will be migrated.
  • Again, if using one instance there is no need to re-migrate the configuration.  Therefore this step would not be necessary.
  • If using a second instance the process would be identical to the development migration.  However, except that the Integent team would be migrating all projects and Project Site data.

Once all migration activities have been completed, the production system would be validated.  Similarly, the validation process would be just like that performed in development.  Once complete, the system would typically be released to the user community.

Enhanced Configuration

If the customer intends on using the Project Online Migration as an opportunity to revise the configuration.  That is to say enhance their configuration by creating custom fields and views.  On the other hand perhaps trim their configuration of unused items.

Above all, this would typically be performed after the production migration has been successfully completed and validated.  Microsoft PPM, the cloud based product has many features available.  Though tempting, keeping it simple is something the better approach.

Integent is ready to provide Microsoft Project Online Migration Consulting services to move you to the cloud.  Contact us for an assessment today.

Everyone Needs Advice.

Integent has helped hundreds of customers build or refine their project, resource, and portfolio management capabilities.  Above all, we do this as part of our Microsoft Project Online Consulting services. Our customer results are undeniable.  Moreover, the result of improvements that enable them to hit all their milestones and make informed decisions.

This is why Integent has earned exceptional client satisfaction and a 90% customer retention rate. And along with every single consulting engagement we also leverage our Microsoft Project Online Training services.

So give us a call and find out how we can help.

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