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Microsoft Project Scheduling

- Hire Integent to help build that complex project schedule.
- Use our staff to augment yours with an expert project manager.
- Every customer is unique, and our service is as well.
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Microsoft Project Scheduling

Projects today may be either complex or simple. Whether a project is one or the other is based on several factors. Whatever the reason, Integent’s Microsoft Project Scheduling service is here to help.

Changes to scope, vendors changing dates when they are available for project work, resources being overallocated, these items and more may lead to project delays as well as overruns (coming in over budget).

In order to meet these challenges it is both important to keep on top of the constant changing elements of a project as well as use a sophisticated project management solution to help manage and coordinate the complex elements of a project schedule.
When it comes to Microsoft Products, Microsoft Project is that project management tool.

Many projects consist of sub-projects with intra-project dependencies, various stages, numerous skill requirements and competing resource requirements.

Without a proper project management scheduling tool it’s impossible to keep track of all these moving parts without major issues.

Forget the resources, vendors, equipment, and other items a project manager is responsible for, they are also on the hook for the budgets, milestones, tracking information, and much more. What about penalties for missing milestones?

At Integent we strive for success. As such, we function as an extended arm of your project management team, ensuring cohesion, collaboration, and communication.

Let our Microsoft Project consultants work together with your team to ensure your project is a success! Our Microsoft Project Scheduling service will get you there!

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Project Services

Every Customer is Unique, and so is our Microsoft Project Scheduling Service.

At Integent we do not use a cookie-cutter approach. We realize every customer is unique, and therefore our approach to each customer is going to be different.

Some customers require a high-level of tracking and reporting information, other customers not-so-much. We recognize this and therefore alter our approach accordingly. What we do insist, however, is that we capture sufficient information in the project plan such that true forecasting may be accomplished as well as tracking information be updated. How else can one determine if a project is being completed on-time and within-budget unless you establish a solid baseline and update tracking information?
When doing so we’ll look at Gantt charts, Summary Tasks, Task Duration, Timeline views, Actual Work and Actual Finish dates and much more. We’ll update the project calendar, revise Start Dates, communicate with your resource manager and team members. The entire project management list of activities will be addressed when working together. We’ll keep you informed as we guide you through each phase and stage of your project to ensure the overall success of your project.

There is no doubt Office 365 MS Project is a powerful project management tool. The software solution has an incredibly powerful scheduling engine which helps determine scheduled tasks, project start date, and link tasks. It will only work properly, however, when set up correctly. That’s where we come in.

We don’t expect you’ll need one of our resources full-time. Normally it’s just a few hours a week. And for just a few hours a week you can have your project(s) setup and managed in the Microsoft Project scheduling tool! Hence, Integent’s Microsoft Project Scheduling Service!

Staff Augmentation for Microsoft Project Scheduling

Your project is progressing through it’s various stages and phases. You have a solid team in place and the success of the project is based on this team. When a staffing issue arises and one of your Project Managers transition off that’s where Integent can help.

Integent project managers are the experts that may immediately be brought on your project and up-to-speed with minimal effort and time. Our experts respond immediately to your needs and will hit the ground running.

Best of all, our project managers are experienced in all kinds and types of projects. No matter the need; Project Online, Project Server, Microsoft Project, just about any version of Project, we are here to help. We will provide the skills and expertise necessary to manage your project to success!

Benefits Of Our Staff Augmentation Services

Most customers require some type of staff augmentation when the staff transitioned is unexpected, and, these is no available staff to meet the required skill demand. Fortunately, Integent has the necessary skills to manage your project we are ready-to-go!

Staff augmentation from Integent will eliminate any delays and administrative overhead that comes with hiring and training a new employee. Integent has the skills you need now. Avoid delays by augmenting your staff for just the time needed.

In addition, with Integent you only hire our resources for the hours needed. No need to book a full-time resource. Hire an expert for the position and hours needed!
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Using Microsoft Project in Construction

Integent has been using the project management software Microsoft Project for many years. As such, we have gained an incredible amount of experience from hundreds of successful projects over the years. The information gained from those projects has been used to formulate best practices for our project management approach used in all our customer engagements.

Our project management approach has us working with your team and guiding you through our approach to plan, manage, and execute your project. We will meet with core project managers on your side on a frequent basis to ensure efficient communication, and have weekly meetings with the extended team.

This approach will ensure your project has the most likely chance to finish on-time and on-budget. As part of our project management approach, we will perform the following:

  • Create documentation, including PowerPoint presentations with charts, graphs and other diagrams in order to communicate important aspects of your project to the extended team and stakeholders.
  • Hold status meetings to review accomplishments, risks & issues, items on target for the next period, budget burn, resource information, and more.
  • Assist with the development, review, approval and organization of important project documentation with the project team.
  • Create custom reports to communicate necessary tracking information to those stakeholders and management that need it.
  • Manage and track budget to ensure your project does not experience budgetary delays.
  • Manage scheduling complexities, manually scheduled vs. automatically schedule tasks, milestones, tracking, etc.

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