Using Power Automate to Create a Team when a project in Microsoft Project Online is published

Managing Projects is a tough business at times. Multiple project demands, real time report requirements, overallocated resources, upset resource managers and more require project managers be a jack of all trades. With all these demands comes the need for solutions to help simplify and streamline project management processes with automation tools such as Power Automate. There is also a huge need for project management solutions that provide enhanced collaboration abilities. With workers working remotely more than ever before, the demand for technologies to meet the needs of these users is at an all time high. In this video we take a use case that involved Microsoft Project Online as the project management solution, and Microsoft Teams to provide a hub for everyday work as well as enhanced collaboration.

The Solution

Consider that each enterprise project in Microsoft Project Online has collocated teams that need to work closely together to ensure project success. A Microsoft Team with relevant channels will be created for each project to provide these additional capabilities. The need is to automate the creation of the Teams site and eliminate the current manual process. The function, therefore, is to use Power Automate to trigger an event off the first publish of a project in Project Online. That trigger first looks to ensure a Teams site does not currently exist for the project. If no Team exists one is created. Conversely, if a Teams site exists the process merely exits upon making that determination.

Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate (previously Microsoft Flow), allows you to use the point-and-click flow designer to build out many types of business logic. It gives you the ability to keep users on track and ensure consistency with multi-stage business process flows. Power Automate also provides 100s of connectors to various data sources. Flows may also access a SharePoint list, add or update users to Dynamics 365, or initiate a project in Microsoft Project Online upon winning a deal managed in Dynamics CRM for Sales. The Power Platform is here.

Design Logic

Create automated workflows with a low-code, or even no-code experience to automate tasks performed every day. These workflows are further enhanced with 100s of available prebuilt connectors.

  • Automate business processes
  • Automate every day tasks like manipulating data in Excel
  • Move information between business systems on an automated schedule using 100s of available datasources
  • Create a process to send automatic reminder to team members for upcoming or overdue tasks

Microsoft Teams

with Office 365 Teams, you can instantly start a video call with the click of a button. Connect, access data, share, and coauthor files in real-time. Securely. Keep meeting notes, document and other daily activities organized.

Get more out of chats

Do more than just chat with Microsoft Teams. You can start a video call, use video conferencing, assign tasks to family and friends, update calendars, and more with Teams.

  • Create group events and add them to your personal calendar in Teams or on your device.
  • Create and assign tasks to people. Track progress.
  • Turn any one-on-one or group chat into an instant video or voice call. – With teams, you can Share documents, tackle projects, build a family budget, and more using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Everything saves securely in the cloud and is available from any device.

Microsoft Project and Microsoft Project Online

Microsoft Project helps you tackle everything from a small home project to large and complex initiatives. The desktop client helps you easily plan your projects by creating a dynamic project schedule based on the work required, available team and project duration. Visibility is improved with robust reports, dashboards and status reports with the business intelligence created with Power BI

Microsoft Project Online provides powerful capabilities for project management for planning, prioritizing and managing projects and resources. The solution also helps select and manage project portfolio investments.

Microsoft Project Professional

The desktop client is a project management scheduling tool that provides automated scheduling and resource management. The client connects to project Online and provides a powerful mechanism to save projects to the Project Online cloud for additional collaboration and reporting.

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