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May 20, 2021

Why the Power Platform is a "Must Have" for your Business

Initially released in 2018, Microsoft’s Power Platform has quickly gained momentum in the business space.  Looking for streamlined Processes?  Then the Microsoft Power Platform is for you.

What is Power Platform, and what is driving this speed of adoption?

In summary, Power Platform is an integrated suite of BI, automation, and app development software applications unified by the Power Fx low-code programming language. Above all, this means that it provides a suite of business services with which users can engage without extensive technical or coding knowledge.

The Platform consists of four components: Power BI for data-driven business decisions, Power Apps for developing customized apps, Power Automate for automating workflows, and Power Virtual Agents for building no-code chatbots. What are the real world implications of these tools at your business that make it a must-have?

Power Platform drives dynamic business decisions.

Power Platform drives dynamic business decisions.

You’ve heard it many times— the best decisions come from Business Intelligence powered by actionable, real-time data. Power BI aggregates multiple data sources into a true “single pane of glass”, therefore, key stakeholders at an enterprise can engage in the most dynamic decision-making possible. Power BI accesses that data from 275 data sources, too, making it one of the most comprehensive BI tools out there. Think Power BI Reports & Dashboards.

Power Platform supports collaboration and integration across an enterprise.

Power Platform supports collaboration and integration across an enterprise.

A lack of integration and effective collaboration across a business has historically been a problem with legacy solutions. Workflows and data were siloed from one department to the next, with little opportunity for true collaboration or a productive exchange of data. Compounding the problem was the ‘lost in translation’ factor— one department’s workflow or data stream didn’t align exactly with another department’s, creating confusion and slowing down productivity.

As a platform solution, Power Platform creates maximum efficiency and cohesion across stakeholders at your company. Whether it’s about data, workflow, or projects, you can rest assured that everyone at your business is seeing and working with the same components, and speaking the same language.

The Power Platform is user-driven tech.

Power Platform is user-driven tech.

Until very recently, too much of tech was mystified, and it thrived exclusively in the hands of the ‘experts’ in your IT department.  Apps and services, as well as the automation of tasks required a specific skillset.  Power Platform, with its intuitive UI and low-code features, puts things back in the hands of the average user. Consider this scenario: an innovative member of your marketing team has a great idea for a feature-rich application. In the past, this meant diverting the work to IT or to a third-party vendor. Meanwhile, costs creep up and the creative momentum that inspired this idea stalls. Now, with the Power Platform, this individual can start driving the solution themselves. The low-code, drag-and-drop design of Power Apps puts control in the hands of the IT layperson, increasing productivity and creativity and reducing your operational costs. Business Applications have never had it so good, with the benefits of streamlining and this new automation technology.

Power Platform speaks the language of business.

It’s a truth universally known—if you run a business, chances are your employees are comfortable in the Windows space and familiar with Microsoft technology. Power Platform is an extension of that space and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft apps you are likely using, including Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365. That means less training during implementation, less downtime during adoption, and better integration with existing workflows and practices.

With Microsoft Power Automate you can evaluate an existing process, determine the steps in the process, and automate repetitive tasks for a more efficient one.  Use your valuable human labor on complex tasks, use the artificial intelligence of the Power Platform for the repetitive ones.

Power Platform realigns your team with higher-value tasks.

Power Platform realigns your team with higher-value tasks

The Power Automation (Microsoft Flow) component of the Power Platform automates processes in everything from legacy software to the latest cloud-based apps. As with everything else in Power Platform, this component is low- or no-code and accessible to all users. With this emphasis on ease of use in the UX, your team can easily do something as simple as automate business processes that consist of manual tasks, or something as complex as loop AI models into their everyday workflows. By eliminating the mundane, your team will be better positioned to align with higher-value tasks that increase revenue. Power Automation puts process automation in the hands of everyone.

Finally, Power Platform has been shown to improve business outcomes. A study conducted in 2021 by Forrester Consulting demonstrated that business can experience cost savings and business benefits over three years, including a 502 percent ROI and investment payback in just 11 months.

Power Platform is a dynamic tool, and all the more powerful for its user-driven aspects. As you position your business in an increasing digital world, this integrated suite of applications can serve as a vital component in your business solutions, decision making, innovation and more. 

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Integent is a Microsoft Application Solution provider committed to our customers success, all with exemplary customer service. Our team can help your organization leverage the Power Platform to help simplify and streamline your business processes today. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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