If there is any doubt to the momentum of Microsoft Project, here are some interesting statistics to show you how important Microsoft Project is for organizations worldwide:

  • 1 copy of Project gets sold every 20 seconds
  • Over 20 Million Users are on Project
  • Over 10,000 Organizations use Project
  • Project is sold in over 80 countries
  • Project is well integrated to address diverse customer needs. *

Microsoft is the lowest cost enterprise solution in the market today. Microsoft Server solutions are completely configurable, there is a broad range of functionality that clients can implement and release at their own pace. The Project solution you use today, will meet your needs, but will also scale as your organization grows and matures. According to Gartner Research “Project is a landmark release for prospective PPM application users and existing Project Server customers, because this release includes SharePoint as the foundation for workflow, documentation management and collaboration. Adding SharePoint underscores the software provider’s focus of SharePoint as the cornerstone of its Enterprise Management (EPM) Solution.” The PPM Market was 3.4 Billion in 2011 and is growing at a rate of 12.9%. (Melinda Ballou, Scott Guinn, IDC June 2012) If you have questions or need any help with this very robust and scalable product, we would like to help, please contact us.

*Microsoft Corporation