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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consulting

Achieve greater business outcomes with Integent’s Microsoft Dynamics optimization services.

microsoft dynamics 365 consulting by integent

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consulting

dynamics 365 for sales

Improve your company’s business and sales processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consulting services. Our team of qualified experts will create a customized strategy for you, helping you every step of the way.

Why Your Business Needs Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Businesses need to stay agile and up to date on the latest technologies in order to deliver stellar customer satisfaction experiences.

What if there was a way to keep all your business applications in one place, empowering your team to operate efficiently and create a more engaging customer journey?

Enter Dynamics 365. All of the applications within the platform are designed to work together with each other and with existing systems. It gives businesses the ability to connect throughout the entire organization with a comprehensive solution.

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Integent Helps Customers Succeed with Dynamics 365 Consulting

Integent’s flexible consulting services provides for a rapid and cost-effective Dynamics 365 implementation custom tailored to your organizations specific business strategy. We provide a myriad of flexible services to ensure we provide just the right amount of assistance with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution, as we work beside you to build a customer-centric application to meet your specific needs:

Integent’s team of Microsoft experts have been helping customers for years. The knowledge gained from each customer engagement is a value-add for you.

At Integent, we work with you to first assess your needs, following by configure and validate your system, to finally train your users. And of course, we provide fantastic ongoing support as well, to ensure your system and your users are working in harmony together!

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Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management, or CRM, is a data-driven system that assists organizations in managing various activities related to current and potential customers.

Your team is able to track leads through the entire sales process. A CRM system supports all departments within your business, including sales, customer service, and marketing.

Users can automate various marketing tasks, get customer behavior insight, track potential leads, and create customized reports and dashboards.

By being more efficient, your teams can focus on connecting with customers and following through on all potential opportunities.

Tap Into Streamlined Digital Selling

Within the custom sales dashboard, you’re able to create a single workspace for each customers sales data.  Everything your sales team needs will be in one spot. They’ll know exactly where they are in the buyer’s journey and what steps need to be taken next from lead to opportunities. The sales team will see achievable and clear sales activities that were put into place with configurable sequences.

Everything is entirely automated, so your sales productivity will close more deals. Additionally, you can review your processes from the customer’s point of view. This allows you to improve your sales engagement by utilizing survey insights through Dynamics 365 Customer Voice.

Through Microsoft Dynamics CRM, your sales team can view relevant LinkedIn Sales Navigator insights and profiles as part of the customer’s account.

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Get to Know Your Customers Better

Dynamic 365 Customer Voice allows you to capture customer feedback immediately across multiple channels. You can issue personalized surveys in order to track your customers’ perceptions and opinions of your products and services. Additionally, you can evaluate how they view the sales and customer service process, creating unique customer experiences within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.

Within this aspect of the platform, you can create customer profiles that allow team members to see what the recommended engagement decisions are for each customer. You can use metrics, trends, and sentiments that enable you to have a comprehensive understanding of your customer’s needs. Increase your sales and business opportunities by successfully understanding your customers, making unique customer experiences.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations connects sales, resourcing, project management, and finance teams in a single application to accelerate project delivery and maximize profitability.

Learn About Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Why You Need Dynamics 365 CRM Consulting

Dynamics 365 is an robust platform that empowers businesses to build stronger customer relationships and enable their teams to increase sales performance.

However, setting up the tool and ensuring user adoption and that you’re using every aspect of it to its maximum capacity can be difficult for the average business owner.

You don’t have time to figure out how to use the program on top of everything else you have to do. You need to focus on your day-to-day operations while your sales team focuses on your customers.

Comprehensive Services

INTEGENT offers a wide range of custom solutions & services to provide your company with an effective and hassle-free Dynamics 365 solution. We spend time talking with you and your team members, learning how your processes can be improved and how Dynamics 365 for Sales solution can best serve you and help streamline your business processes.

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Our Microsoft products and services consulting and training enables businesses to achieve cost-effective solutions by leveraging the technology built into the Microsoft systems. You’re able to stay on top of customer needs and enhance your productivity.

The team at INTEGENT has the expertise to skillfully and effectively onboard your entire team onto Dynamics 365 for Sales. We’re an end-to-end Office 365 and Dynamics CRM provider. We help our clients get maximum value from the platform.  Whether managed services, project service automation, business management or sales automation, Integent has you covered.

Contact a member of our team today to set up an introductory call to discuss how we can help you with Dynamics 365, Dynamics 365 Business Central, Field Service, Dynamics 365 for Finance, Power BI for Business Intelligence, Microsoft Teams, Power Apps and Power Automate.

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