Integent’s Dynamics 365 Consulting Services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has evolved to become more Modern, Unified, Intelligent, and Adaptable. Achieving greater business outcomes with built-in intelligence and enabling people to do their best work by unifying relationships are all possible with the functionality of this feature-rich product.

Dynamics 365 for Sales empowers sellers to build relationships and enable smarter selling. Standing up the tool, however, often requires the assistance of an experienced partner.

Enter Integent.

Our consulting methodology allows us to work with organizations of all types and sizes, in a way that provides precisely the solution they are looking for. We ensure a crawl, walk, then run approach is taken that facilitates the best user acclimation with the functionality required to satisfy key users and stakeholders. Whether we take an Agile approach and deploy Dynamics 365 in just a few weeks, or plan a more detailed rollout, we work with you.

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Are you considering deploying Dynamics 365 Online? Not sure how to go about it or what licensing is needed? Then give us a call. Whether you have an existing

Group of business people. Business team isolated over white backgrounddeployment of Dynamics 365 Online that’s not giving you the results you’re looking for or a new deployment or trial is in your future, we can help. From a couple weeks of consulting and assistance to a full rollout, are philosophy is to focus on what’s practical and never oversell.

  • Some of the ways we work with customers include:
  • Deployments and customization
  • Support
  • Data migration
  • Enhanced reports and dashboards
  • Assessments
  • Jump Start deployments
  • Workflow development

Contact us today, and let Integent be your Dynamics 365 trusted advisor.

Once Dynamics 365 is up and running the most critical aspect of any successful organization, training, is required. A solid training program ensures productive, efficient, and happier employees. These employee attributes also help make the business more effective.

Training from Integent is a comprehensive approach to leveraging the power of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 software. As a result your team will gain the knowledge and confidence to achieve performance and efficiency improvements, as well as gains in confidence, all while helping the business succeed.

Because each Microsoft Dynamics 365 is unique, each training program is custom-tailored to ensure maximum impact from the instructed material. Integent’s training is therefore focused on results, allowing students to apply what they learn in the course immediately. This shortens the time-to-value for our customers and drives measurable performance improvements. Contact Integent today to discuss your organizations specific Dynamics 365 Online training needs.

Integent offers super-flexible support plans for organizations of all types and sizes to help keep users and the Dynamics 365 system running smoothly and effectively.  And our support plans can be used for just about any type of work needed, eliminating the needs for additional proposals or statements of work.  Submit a request and work with your support resource within minutes to resolve the issue.

Whether it be one-on-one training, building a customer dashboard, or coding a new workflow, get it done now!  We try to make this easy for you.  Why struggle looking for information online when you can get on a web meeting with a Dynamics 365 consultant within minutes to work through whatever pain-point you are currently experiencing?

Contact us today to discuss how our support plans will help your organization have a more effective and hassle-free Dynamics 365 Online system.

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