The Microsoft Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform is more than the sum of its parts. Connect them together—and to Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and hundreds of other apps—and build end-to-end business solutions.


The Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform enables organizations to build end-to-end business solutions with a low-code platform. Connect applications to one other and to Office 365, Dynamics 365, Project for the Web, and hundreds of other apps.

The ease-of-use with the Power Platform spurs a culture of innovation. Ultimately this helps organizations realize untapped value never before thought possible.

Imagine being able to solve business problems in both a rapid and cost-effective manner? You can build a front end, connect it to a data-source, build automations for efficiencies, and visualize the results via interactive reports and dashboards. That’s the Power Platform.

Comprehensive Services

Integent provides a wide range of services including, training, consulting, and support for the Microsoft Power Platform, always custom to every client. Let’s define and build your solution together, and help streamline your business processes today.

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The Power Platform

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It can be difficult to pinpoint an issue without the help of an outside source, that’s where Integent comes in. At the start of every client engagement we conduct discovery sessions to identify areas of potential improvement. Let’s avoid situations that simply replicate a dysfunctional process. With Integent on your side, utilizing your Microsoft application is simple and actionable.


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