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February 14, 2023

Dynamics 365 for Sales Administration: 01 - Configure Auditing

What does Auditing do?

it allows the tracking of Dynamics 365 records.

Both Data and Operations may be Audited in Dynamics 365 including:

  • Changes to security and roles
  • Record associations and disassociations
  • Auditing changes
  • Deletion of log files
  • Tracks when users accesses data in Dynamics 365
  • Tracks when users log into/out of Dynamics 365
  • Tracking create, update and delete operations

Navigation in Dynamics 365 for Sales to configure auditing:

  1. Choose Settings > Administration > System Settings > Auditing Tab
  2. Under Audit Settings, selectively enable following check boxes:
    • Start Auditing (enabled auditing at global level)
    • Audit user access (Note: captures user sign-in only)
    • Start Read Auditing (Note: captures most user activities/events)
  3. Under Enable Auditing in the following areas, select checkboxes to enable auditing for all included entities (or selectively set field-level auditing in customizations)
  4. To set table and/or field level auditing, Settings > Customizations > Customize the System (other navigations as well)..
  5. Under Components, expand Entities and select an entity to audit, such as Account.
  6. Scroll down under Data Services and Select Auditing.
  7. Select the following check boxes:
    • Single record auditing. Log a record when opened.
    • Multiple record auditing. Log all records displayed on an opened page.
  8. Choose Save.
  9. Choose Publish to publish the customization.
  10. Repeat steps 5-9 for other entities to audit.

What is Dynamics 365 for Sales?

Dynamics 365 for Sales helps organizations manage, track and store information related to potential customers. This helps customers by using a centralized software solution to win deals.

Defining 365 for Sales

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a set of data-driven software software solutions that are all integrated together. They help organizations to track, manage and store information related to potential and current customers. Keeping this information in a centralized storage system is paramount to giving business development teams access to the information they need to win deals now.

If your company is not using a centralized system such as Dynamics 365 for Sales, they may be losing out on huge opportunities for growth as well as revenue loss because of a cumbersome process that is not making the most of every opportunity.

What does a Dynamics 365 for Sales solution do?

Once upon a time many organizations lived and breathed tracking their customer and opportunity information in Excel spreadsheets. Some still do today! Email, address books, and more were cumbersome and repetitive. The lack of integration, repetitive processes, and more, made it difficult for teams to quickly find and share accurate information. This would greatly slow and/or cripple efforts to pursue new leads, service customers and launch marketing campaigns.

Dynamics 365 for Sales enters the picture and it effortlessly collects a voluminous amount of information about current and potential customers. Information including email addresses, company addresses and websites, phone numbers, social media, purchase history, and much more. All this data is integrated which generates profiles that may be shared with the appropriate teams.

You can also connect D365 for Sales with various document sharing products and online chat. Additionally, business intelligence and artificial intelligence (AI) that is built-in accelerates administrative related tasks in order to provide insights that are actionable.

The end result in this robust CRM set of tools gives multiple teams, including commerce, field service, sales, and more, access to and visibility into critical information that is needed to create, develop and maintain customer relationships.

Here are just a few of the ways Dynamics 365 for Sales benefits organizations:

  • Track every opportunity through the sales process for a more streamlined sales process. Dynamics CRM helps gather and track all information related to the lead, accompanied with insights, such that your sales teams and marketing teams work together seamlessly to understand where each and every lead is in your overall sales process.
  • The sales monitoring feature enables organizations to get real-time data related to performance. Sales data may be linked into your Dynamics 365 for Sales solution in order to provide immediate and accurate pictures of your sales situation. And with a real-time view of your entire sales pipeline you have never been more aware of all activity, from bottlenecks, to wins, and more.
  • What is insight generation? It helps you focus on what matters using AI and build-in intelligence capabilities which help to find priorities and ways in which your team can streamline what they should be spending their time on. Sales teams can immediately find those leads ready to follow-up on, and those to pass off.
  • Automation and optimized workflows! Streamline marketing, sales, and more utilizing task automation to gather customer feedback, build quotes, and send emails. The elimination of repetitive tasks helps any team focus on those high-priority winning items.
  • Customer interactions are tracked for much greater affect. Dynamics 365 for Sales includes functionality that locates and identifies customer scenarios that is used to identify opportunities to help an organization better understand engagement needs and/or possibilities across numerous customer touchpoints.
  • When using multiple platforms you can use Dynamics 365 for Sales to connect across all of them for better customer engagement. Social engagement, email, chat, and live calls may all be used with Dynamics CRM to connect with customers where they are. This helps you connect to them where they work, building trust along the way. Let's build loyalty that keeps customers long term.
  • Be agile and you will gain an advantage! An integrated Sales solution that is scalable and secure will help meet the needs that are ever evolving of todays businesses. Launch new marketing and other initiatives quickly, and deliver responses that are rapid to customer demands and market conditions.

Why implement a Dynamics 365 Sales solution?

Defining a CRM Strategy typically involves evaluating customer relationship management solutions. When performing this evaluation you will be sure to want to ensure the solution selected will provide a complete and cohesive view of each and every customer relationship. The selected Sales solution should also collect as much relevant data as possible, analyze it, and intelligently surface all available insights.

The CRM Buyer’s Guide for Today’s Business can help you learn how to choose a CRM solution that meets your organizations needs. When implemented, a CRM solution will help your organization increase communications and enhance each stage of the customer experience:

Identify and interact with customers that are right for your organization. Data-driven buyer behavior along with insight that is predictive helps sales and marketing teams learn how to identify, target and bring in the correct leads. From there, they may be converted into opportunities and customers.

Let's improve all customer interaction. Now with a complete view of the customer, the entire sales team will know a customer's entire history, from purchasing to other data that will help sales teams provide products and service that is right for the customer.

Progress may be tracked across the entire customer experience. It is imperative to understand where a customer is in the overall sales process. This help you focus on the opportunities and campaigns that matter most.

Productivity on teams is increased. Streamlined processes and increased visibility increase overall productivity. This helps teams focus on the most important items.

How can a Dynamics 365 for Sales can help your company

It's no secret that companies of all sizes benefit from CRM software. Small businesses looking to grow value the tracking and automation features. Allowing people to be free to focus on other, more important activities. Larger organizations use CRM systems to simplify and streamline complex sales processes


Sales teams will have the power to truly understand customers needs, helping them to have more wins. Finding qualified leads and customers with more targeted sales and marketing campaigns will become easier with the information from CRM. This will result in better results over time as the business grows.

The embedded insights will help build relationships as you build a smarter selling strategy. Productivity will be boosted and sales performance accelerated as you learn and grow with a new and adaptable platform. AI measuring past and current indicators let you track customer relationships from inception through completion and bring with it automation sales and execution that delivers a experience that is personalized. All which aligns with the purchaser's experience.


Your customer's entire experience is improved. You will resonate with your customers with the curated marketing strategies you will be able to develop. All based on the ability to create marketing campaigns, nurture leads that are ready to buy with targeted experiences, and with teams that are equipped with planning and real-time tracking tools.

Customized dashboards with superior analysis of important data will help you gain insights into your company's brand and market. You will be able to prioritize the leads that matter most to your business and more quickly with decisions on the business based on targeted results and processes that are automated.

Customer Service

Provide customers with an effortless omnichannel experience. With the use of service bots, your customer service teams will have the tools to be able to deliver value and improve engagement with every interaction. Offering personalized services, agents can upsell or cross-sell using relevant, contextual data, and based on feedback, surveys, and social listening, optimize their resources based on real-time service trends.

In delivering a guided, intelligent service supported on all channels, customers can connect with agents easily and quickly resolve their issues, resulting in a first-class customer experience.

Project Operations

Analytics and planning tools that help build and organizations customer-centric business model will help improve your overall profitability. You will gain visibility into costs and revenue using feature-rich project planning functionality and robust reports and dashboards. This will help determine resource capacity, anticipate demand, and forecast demand/project profitability.

Real-time dashboards and reports will provide you the ability to measure resource utilization, which can help project managers and resource managers optimize resources when most needed. This will help the organization hit milestones for both schedule and budgets, simplifying processes internally, as well as collaborating and increasing productivity.

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