As of 2019, over 40,000 companies use Dynamics CRM for Manufacturing. That’s over 4.4 million users.

But what is Microsoft Dynamics 365? How does it work for the manufacturing industry? And can this cloud based solution work for you? 

In this guide, we’ll take you through what Dynamic CRM is. We’ll also show you how it could be your CRM solution for business applications. 

So, are you looking for a new way to manage customer relationships? If so, read on to learn more! 

What is Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Manufacturing - manufacture

Dynamics 365 is a software program featuring business applications to grow your company.

The software provides solutions to excel in customer service, finance, and operations. The application helps improve business processes from the shop floor to a specific customers experience.

Dynamics CRM for Manufacturing

CRM stands for customer relationship management. These apps allow you to take care of customer needs and exceed customer expectations with a powerful solution for manufacturing. 

With CRM apps, you can ensure that your business is running at the best of its ability.  Manufacturing organizations benefit from the supply chain management capabilities of Dynamics 365 supply chain capabilities.

What You Can Do With Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Manufacturing - improve customer relationships

There are many benefits to using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for manufacturing.

Customer Data 

Use Dynamics CRM to manage customer engagement with customer data, including emails, phone calls, and quotes. Views of customers are all in one place for your business’s convenience.

Improve Customer Relationships 

With Dynamics CRM, you can develop more responsive relationships with your current customers. This also helps you to develop relationships with prospective clients for better customer satisfaction.

Meet Goals

Meet sales and marketing goals by enhancing the process of those applications. 

D365 CRM for the Manufacturing Industry

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Manufacturing - empower your company

Balance Multiple Business Models

Dynamics CRM can handle multiple business models using the cloud. Whatever model you use, you’re covered.

Empower Your Company

Empower your employees with updated business intelligence. Designed with collaborative capabilities to enhance your business, Dynamics CRM handles it all. 

Real-Time Visibility

Enjoy real-time visibility into the entire operation of your business. Know exactly what is going on throughout the company and run a more efficient operation.

General Benefits

Improve productivity and collaboration

With the right CRM programs, you can streamline the sales process. You can also predict future sales, budgets, and more.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Manufacturing - fast and flexible

Fast and flexible

Dynamics CRM drives consistent and measurable improvements throughout your business. There’s also an easy add-on for industry-specific apps that work best for you.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to maintain tighter control of your budget. Only pay for the apps you are going to use for your business. There’s no pressure or obligation to buy a certain number of apps. 

Digital Transformation

Allow your business to go through a digital transformation. All your manufacturing needs are in one place. There is no question whether the results are true.

Note: IDC predicted that by 2020, 60% of manufacturing chains would have benefited from digital transformation. 

CRM Specific Applications

There are some specific apps that work best for CRM in the manufacturing industry. 

Dynamics 365 Sales

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Manufacturing - CRM applications

This app allows you to view all interactions between customers and prospective customers. It also acts as an accurate account of sales, marketing, and account management. 

Dynamics 365 Service

Track returns, customer complaints, warranty claims, and more. This app also teaches your team how to handle these types of situations. 

With field service, it allows you to conduct business at an off-site location with no issues.

Dynamics 365 Marketing

Give your business a step-up in calculating lead scores. Provide insight into your operations’ next steps, and build nurture campaigns. 

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Get real-time financial reports. These allow you to view the health of your operation. You’ll also be able to make the best decisions to help your business prosper. 

Improve the life of your assets and simplify your management and manufacturing processes.

Dynamics 365 Service Automation

Follow expensive submissions, time entry and resource scheduling with Service Automation. 

With Service Automation, you’ll also be able to track sales functionality.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Manufacturing - who benefits

Who Benefits From Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM benefits businesses of all kinds, especially for manufacturing. 

Small & Medium Businesses

This software is great for small or medium businesses looking to expand. 

Large Corporations

Any large business or corporation could enjoy Dynamics CRM. It’s perfect for expanding into new product lines, customer segments, or markets.

How To Get The Best Training For Dynamics CRM

There are a lot of how-to instructions on using Dynamics CRM for manufacturing. 

At Integent, they offer a variety of services. They help optimize your Microsoft Dynamics software for your specific needs. With training and consulting, they’ll ensure that you are using the software the way it’s meant to be used.


With consultation services, Integent works with each client to create solutions. They’ll meet each of the individuals’ needs. 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Manufacturing - best training for dynamics crm

They’ll help you choose the software and training you need to understand the program and how it works.


Integent also offers a wide variety of training services. They build all services to meet their client’s needs and wants. They offer online training, onsite training, and custom solutions. 

If you need training for a group, they have the solution for you. Even if you need one-on-one training, they’ll make it work. 

They make sure your team is up-to-date with the software and programs that are right for you. They give your team the tools to exceed in using Microsoft Dynamics. 

Ongoing Support

They offer help when you need it the most. They have the expertise to get you through functionality or technical issues.

With an easy-to-use support model, they make it easy to cancel, adjust or upgrade to fit your operation’s needs.

Consider Dynamics CRM For Your Company

Dynamics CRM for manufacturing can be a beneficial program for companies of any size. 

With the specialized apps and software, any business can grow and thrive in its chosen field. With the right consultation and training, you’ll be ready to make Dynamics CRM an essential part of your business. 

If you want to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM for your company and wonder how to go about it, request a demo to see if it’s right for you. 

To learn more about the consultation and training processes for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, check out today.