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Project for the Web Consulting

Optimize Microsoft’s latest web-based project management platform to the fullest with Integent’s expert service and support.

Project for the Web | Integent

Project for the Web Consulting

Microsoft Project for the Web, or Project Power App, is an all new, browser-only app designed to work seamlessly with the Microsoft Teams & Dynamics tools and Integent’s Project for the Web Consulting helps you get there. Since it’s the Microsoft Cloud, project managers, sponsors and participants only need a web browser for access.  Once connected, users may begin to collaborate with teammates and contribute on project schedules immediately.
Project for the Web Project list
Project for the Web may be subscribed to via the Office 365 portal as a Project Plan 1 license. In addition, the product is considered part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite of offerings.

The new service for occasional or part-time project managers is intuitive like Planner, flexible and fast like Excel. In addition, it is also embedded with MS-Project’s rich scheduling functionality.

Project for the Web also provides connectivity to the Dataverse. The Dataverse lets you securely store and manage data that’s used by business applications. Data within Dataverse is stored within a set of tables.

Once you connect an application like Power BI you can create powerful reports and dashboards.  These reports and dashboards will greatly help management and others visualize project tracking, resource utilization, and much more.

Project Power App provides numerous ways to view information including a board view, grid view, a Gantt chart and timeline views.  Project teams will find the tools SharePoint list like functionality particularly useful when creating custom lists for Action Items, and more.

In addition, Project for the Web is built on Microsoft’s Power Platform. What this means is non-developers can leverage Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate (Flow) and the Dataverse.

These additional applications greatly expand the capabilities of Project for Web with workflows, reporting and dashboards, forms capabilities, and much more.

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Project for the Web Consulting

Integent’s Team Provides flexible Project for the Web Consulting and Training solutions that begins with listening to you.

Enterprises are looking for fast and flexible web-based project management solutions.  As a result, enterprise are turning to Project for the Web. Most importantly, enterprises can call on the capabilities Integent consultants bring to project management challenges.
Project for the Web Consulting and Training by INTEGENT LLC
Integent’s team has years of experience deploying Microsoft’s project management solutions for many years.  As such, the experience gained from the numerous customer engagements is a direct benefit to all our customers.

Firstly, the lessons learned from each customer engagement are directly applied to each subsequent engagement.  As a result, customers are ensured to gain many positive benefits achieved from prior engagements.  For instance, system configurations, reports that were developed, and other items may be leveraged as huge contributors.

In the same vein, Integent works with customers in many different ways.  Whether a customer requires a full deployment or a few weeks of support.  Every engagement is important to the team at Integent.

Look to Integent for Project for the Web Consulting, training and support, and much more.  Above all, we are passionate about our customers success!

Don’t See What You’re Looking For?

Integent has helped hundreds of customers to build or refine their project, resource, and portfolio management capabilities.  Above all, we do this as part of our Microsoft Project Online Consulting services.

Customer results are positive.  As a result of improvements that enable them to hit all their milestones and make informed decisions. Consequently, this is why Integent has earned exceptional client satisfaction and a 90% customer retention rate.

Moreover, we also provide our Microsoft Project Online Training services to ensure users are provided the knowledge they need to succeed.  To clarify, training is the key to a successful engagement.

So give us a call and find out how we can help.    


Not Sure What You’re Looking For?

It can be difficult to pinpoint an issue without the help of an outside source, that’s where Integent comes in. At the start of every client engagement we conduct discovery sessions to identify areas of potential improvement. Let’s avoid situations that simply replicate a dysfunctional process. With Integent on your side, utilizing your Microsoft application is simple and actionable.


Project for the Web Training Videos

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Not so scary

I heard a lot of positive feedback from the team regarding the training. They have all taken something away from the sessions, and a large number of them will now start to use Project to plan their projects.

Project Manager
Shoe Manufacturer

Useful and well presented.

It is clear that [ Integent ] has had a lot of experience training on and implementing the tools. The onsite training they provided was useful and well presented. Integent was able to offer insight into how others have succeeded (and failed) and perspective on “what works best”.

Project Manager
Financial Institution

Great job of guiding the course at just the right pace

I felt the instructor did a great job of guiding the course at just the right pace for those of us new to MS Project. I appreciated him going through the basic set-up to multiple options for developing your Project sheet. The instructor was able to answer our questions verbally and visually, which was greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Project Manager
Financial Services

I left confident and eager to apply what you taught us.

Thank you so much for a very helpful and informative two days on learning how to use Microsoft Project. Beyond teaching us the material, our instructor was very patient with our questions, broke the information down in a digestible manner, and gave us some great project management advice along the way that will help shape our use of the software.

Project Manager
Medical Technology Company

I couldn’t be happier with the support the entire team has provided

Ron is responsive and gets the right people involved.  Frank is a true guru in configuring the system, and even more so when it comes to educating users.  The Project Manager training he provided was excellent, and I was very impressed.  Amanda is always responsive to needs, fills in for Frank and generally is a great go-to resource.

PMO Director
Manufacturer of injection and blow molded plastic packaging

Her troubleshooting skills are excellent.

Amanda did a great job during the training. She is very knowledgeable and answered everyone’s questions expertly. Her troubleshooting skills are excellent. She knows Project like the back of her hand. Thank you, Amanda.

Project Manager
Financial Services

I highly recommend Integent.

They are very knowledgeable in Microsoft applications and are helpful, friendly and very easy to work with!

Project Manager

The instructor was very knowledgeable on Microsoft Project.

Our instructor was very attentive and allowed room/space for questions and feedback. Appreciated the tips and tricks communicated. He walked through setup, navigation, and building content.

Project Manager
Financial Services

The course exceeded my expectations

This course exceeded my expectations. The instructor explained the course content clearly and his teaching style was very engaging. He encouraged questions which led to further discussion and recommendations on how we can improve upon what we do today.

Project Manager
Financial Services

You’re in Good Company

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