We get different questions every day from our customers and leads. Different people have different pain points. This is a list of the main reasons people come to MS Project Now for help. Have you ever heard yourself or a co-worker comment on needing a solution to any of these problems?

1) We need help effectively managing our PM resources at our company.

2) We have a Microsoft Project Server solution deployed, but we need to be using more of the tools and our processes need to be revised.

3) We need help managing our projects successfully. We need to be more efficient, on time and on schedule.

4) We need reporting solutions. Or possibly we have some reporting, but we are just not getting the data that we need out of those tools.

5) We have problems dealing with the amount of demand for project requests. We need a tool to refine the project request process. We need help prioritizing all these requests and achieving our organizational goals.

If you find yourself with any of these problems, please contact us so we can help you achieve your organizational goals.