We here at MS Project Now are always looking for ways to improve our productivity and get more done- on time and under budget. It never seems like there is enough time in the day. So we really liked this article from Inc Magazine and wanted to pass along these tips for being efficient every day:

1. Stop Multitasking

2. Delegate

3. Use Appropriate Communication

4. Apply Structure to the Schedule (This is where MS Project Now can help)

“With all the available scheduling and productivity tools you would think more people would feel they have a handle on their schedule. And yet often people feel their schedule drives them instead of the other way around. Efficiency fanatics create standard routines in their schedule so they can achieve a disciplined approach and be ready for the important events. The more you control the calendar, the easier it is to make room for the unexpected.”

5. Give Everything a Proper Place

6. Time Activities (We could help here too)

Do you really know how much time you spend productively versus how much time you waste? I often know that I am talking on the phone with someone who takes efficiency seriously because they tell me when the call is almost over. Efficient people set a time for each of their tasks and work to keep the schedule. Try logging your time on conversations and activities for a week.  Then spend the next week setting specific times for similar activities and work to reduce the times with similar output.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the gains.

7. Commit to Downtime

8. Plan Projects (and we can certainly help here too)

Effort is often wasted when people don’t have a clear path to success. Impatience is the direct enemy of efficiency. Really efficient people know they must take the time to research and break down a project into basic steps in order to achieve success consistently. Yes, planning takes a little time. But considering the challenges, process and responsibilities in advance will make for clear direction with the team. With good communication everyone can move confidently and efficiently to achieve all the objectives in record time.

Contact us today to find out how MS Project Now can help your business be more efficient. To read the entire article with all these helpful hints click here.