Project for the Web

This video is a demonstration of Project for the Web. The environment utilized in this video has Power BI reports and dashboards as well as a number of custom entities. The solution will help potential customers of the product visualize some of the capabilities of Project for the Web. Team members, Project Managers, and others all have something to gain from using the product.

What is Project for the Web?

Project for the web is Microsoft 365’s most recent offering for cloud-based work management and project management. This web based project management solution provides project managers a simple, powerful solution.  Robust enough to help manage all types of project teams with work management. Accessed from Project Home, Project for the Web may be used to plan and manage work of any size.

Project for the web (or simply called Project) is built on the Microsoft Power Platform.  The Power Platform provides robust capabilities to configure solutions of all types.

Project for the Web is not part of the core Office 365 plans and requires a separate licenses. Upon getting a license, the Project icon will be in the Office 365 App Launcher. Project for the Web has the Ability to set dependencies.

Something not available in other Microsoft tools such as planner. The product is therefor considered a tool somewhere between Planner / to-do and Microsoft Project Online.

Since Project for the Web is an integral part of Office 365 Group eco-system, it also integrates with MS Teams. Now you can chat, access files, and manage tasks all in one location.

Custom Entities

Project for the Web allows for the creation of custom entities. Think for a moment your organization needs to specify project financials by specific categories. Using custom entities allows an organization to create custom fields, forms, views, and more.  These custom entities allow the product to provide customer-centric information in a meaningful way.

Whether tracking programs, categorizing tasks as part of task management, Project for the Web can do it. Also, since forms are configurable entities, project intake forms or project request forms may be configured to provide a streamlined process.

And all the information contained in your environment may be reporting on with Power BI!  You therefore have access to project task lists, milestones, project charter information and other data.  All of which may be presented via highly graphical and dynamic reports and dashboards.

Modern Views

The new Microsoft Project offers a mix views, providing best-practice capabilities. The Timeline view displays a Gantt chart and the Board shows all tasks as cards with status and additional information. Different “buckets” may be created to group tasks in the board view by an attribute that is user-defined.

Resource Management

The resources in Project for the Web are derived from a new or existing group in O365 Groups. There is no resource pool for cross-project planning as in Microsoft Project Online. Capacity vs Demand as well as the costs associated with resources do not exist at the moment.