As the world becomes increasingly digital, utilizing the latest technologies is important in every industry’s business operations. In fact, studies have shown that using social technologies to manage communication and collaboration can raise productivity by 20 to 25 percent. 

This is specifically important when it comes to sales productivity. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is a powerful program that helps improve efficiency. But what is it and how does it help the average sales professional? We’ll take a look at this right now.

Understand your customers

In the world of sales and marketing, knowing your customer is incredibly important. It gives you insight into what they need and how they will respond to a pitch. It also indicates if they will ultimately purchase anything. This is critical in making a sale.

Microsoft Dynamics helps you know your customers in a whole new way. With it, you can import data from multiple different sources. This could come from many different sources. These include web analytics, previous marketing responses, customer loyalty programs, and more.

This data can then be used to make individualized profiles for each of your customers. Seeing these profiles can help you understand your customers better. This can provide you with a lead and opportunities. 

The Dynamics CRM tools take this sales data even further. It uses artificial intelligence in a way that gives you vital data about your customers. 

The AI can help predict what your customers will need next. It can also rank your list of customers, based on their needs. In a similar way, the relationship health feature can say which customer relationships are in good shape and which need mending. 

With Linkedin integration, Dynamics 365 for Sales can also provide real time notifications. Your Linkedin sales navigator can tell you when customers update their profile, such as when they make a career change. This keeps your information up to date and allows you to respond accordingly. 

Dynamics even offers opportunities to collect additional data. With it, you can automatically send post-sales surveys. The results of these surveys will then be automatically added to a customer’s profile. Surveys like this can give information that helps with client retention. 

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Improve your Communication with Customers

Another key factor in the world of sales is the value of communication. Without communication, the entire sales process can be troubled. 

Microsoft Dynamics contains tools that help make communication easy. These tools can help ensure communication happens and can save you time when communicating. This can improve both direct marketing and social media marketing. 

For one, it comes with a rich array of templates. These templates range from regular email updates to full newsletters. Having access to these allows you to avoid spending too much time crafting all communications from scratch. 

It also makes communication easy through scheduling and automation. You can choose to schedule communications or other processes. You can also choose to automate certain tasks, with Dynamics 365 for Sales responding in whatever way you choose. 

The artificial intelligence within Microsoft Dynamics can also be utilized for communication purposes. Similar to the way it analyzes data, it can provide information that can be used by salespeople to close more deals.

The AI can help determine the best time to send emails. Having these emails sent at the right time increases the chance they are opened, improving customer service.

The AI can also help salespeople understand their customer’s communication better. It analyzes communication to determine customer’s emotions. This can provide information that can inform how a salesperson should respond. 

Plus, Dynamics can integrate with other Office 365 applications. This includes Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams. This allows salespeople to communicate using familiar programs and their sales mobile app. 

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Informing Communication with Data

As mentioned above, knowing your customers and properly communicating with them is a great way to boost sales performance. This is where Microsoft Dynamics really stands out. It provides an excellent way to ensure your communications are informed by data about your customers. 

By consulting the customer profiles and the information provided by artificial intelligence, salespeople can fine-tune their communications. They can understand their customer’s needs and wants and are provided with suggestions when it comes to addressing them. 

The integration with other Microsoft programs also helps. For example, salespeople can consult the Dynamics 365 for Sales customer profiles while typing out an email in Outlook. This eliminates jumping back and forth, thus saving time. 

Bringing all this data and communication together can really help increase business sales. Microsoft Dynamics training can help you make sure these factors come together in the most effective way possible. 

Communication Between Salespeople

Communication between a salesperson and a client is important. However, Dynamics 365 tools offer more than that. They are also for communication within a company or sales team. 

The information, data, and insights within Microsoft Dynamics can be accessed by a team of employees. This ensures that all the salespeople who need this customer information are provided with it. 

This is helpful because it could reveal information that would otherwise go unnoticed. For example, a salesperson may notice that the person they are communicating with had a bad interaction with the company in the past. This could change the way they communicate. 

In addition, the integration with other Microsoft products opens up avenues for communication. Webinars and meetings can be hosted by sales managers via Microsoft Teams. This allows the data within Dynamics 365 to assist these conversations. 

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Dynamics 365 also contains event planning tools. These can help organize the information about the attendees, sessions, and speakers. 

Get Started with Dynamics 365 for Sales 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the best power apps out there when it comes to improving efficiency. Using Dynamics 365 for sales can provide new data insights, increased communication, and more. It can really change the way you sell.  

Contact a professional at Integent to learn more about Dynamics 365 for Sales and to learn how to effectively implement it within your sales program. Integent helps customers succeed with Microsoft products and services.