Communications is key to any successful project. Also making sure you are on the same page as your team members working on the project is critical. There are several other points you should keep in mind as you start new projects:

  1. How should I communicate my ideas to the group?
  2. Which Communication tools am I using?
  3. What is the communication flow structure?
  4. How will the workflow be managed and how will we be alerted when we are off schedule (MS Project Server would be a great tool to have for any team on a project)
  5. Who is responsible for the Project?
  6. Can all the requirements be met?
  7. How will the final Product be distributed?
  8. How can I help team members throughout the development Process?

To learn more about Microsoft Project Server which could help with most of the questions above, please contact us today and to read this whole article please see this link.