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September 9, 2021

Improve Your Sales Process with Dynamics 365 for Sales

Introducing Dynamics 365 for Sales

Using Dynamics 365 for Sales can transform how your employees interact with customers and significantly increase your revenues. The suite of features in Dynamics CRM makes it easier for the sales professional to learn more about their prospects, increase sales productivity and maintain customer relationships. They can then guide consumers gently through the sales funnel to maximize results. Add Office 365 Microsoft Teams to the mix and you have an even more powerful collaboration hub.

But, when there are other sales systems options available, why should you choose Dynamics 365? After all, if you implement the wrong system, it could come at a considerable cost and make life more difficult for your team. The key lies in the quality of the features as well as the number of tools that make this the best sales management system on the market.

Read on to find out how Dynamics 365 and Microsoft can benefit your business.

improve your sales process with dynamics 365 for sales - import data

Easy to Import Data

If your sales teams encounter problems the first time you install new software, this could put them off using the system. You may then find it harder to get the most benefit from your investment. When you implement Dynamics 365 for Sales, it is easy to import your customer data and maintain sales data, so you instantly have access to all your sales information. Contact details, phone numbers, everything related to your important customer data is readily available.

While you can upload all your data at once, you can also choose to import the details in batches. This way, your team can remove any outdated customer information, so you are starting with the most relevant customer information.

Ask the Right Questions

Even the most motivated staff members can lose focus when they are constantly making sales calls for hours at a time. This can lead to them missing important details that could help them make a sale. But, when using Dynamics 365, the system uses intelligent software to send prompts to your sales team. 

They can then read the questions they should ask customers from their screen and increase their chances of success.

improve your sales process with dynamics 365 for sales - customer relationships

Customer Event Management

Many people are now familiar with systems such as Zoom. This means your sales and marketing teams can provide live demonstrations and have online customer meetings faster than ever before. But, with the increase in activity, there is more risk of an employee or a customer forgetting about an event. 

Dynamics 365 for Sales sends automated follow-up messages, so you have higher numbers of attendees. You could even include your terms of service in the message if required, so everyone has all the required documentation before they start. The system also provides registration conversion figures, so you know how successful your event was when you are finished.

Access Dynamics 365 for Sales From Anywhere

You may have a field service team out on the road, or you could have employees who will be working more often from home due to COVID-19. This is why the Dynamics 365 cloud-based system is ideal for workers who are not in the office. They can access customer information from anywhere in the world and instantly follow up on hot leads that could otherwise go cold.

You can even use the Microsoft Power Apps software to design custom apps that are ideal for the needs of different departments.

improve your sales process with dynamics 365 for sales - lead tracking

Lead Tracking and Scoring

One of the biggest challenges of running a large sales team is lead tracking. Team members need to tailor their conversations and sales tactics according to where a prospect is in the sales funnel. If your staff are unsure which stage a customer is at, they could repeat information to a customer or try to make a sale too soon. 

But, when using Dynamics 365, it's possible to include client parameters. Unless a customer passes through a set series of stages, they can not move to the next part of the sales funnel. This means employees can provide fantastic customer experiences that suit where the prospect is currently at in the sales process.

The Dynamics 365 for Sales process also analyses the client data and allocates them a lead score. Your sales staff can then quickly see which leads are ready to buy. Lead and opportunities are methodically tracking throughout the entire sales process.

Competitor Analysis

You may think your sales performance is good, but how do you really know if you can't tell how well your competitors are doing? It's important to use Dynamics 365 to record information about your competition when possible. For example, a potential customer could tell you another company is also pitching to them so you could note this on the system.

You may also learn about aspects that a rival business does very well or areas where they seem weak. You can then produce competitor analysis reports to give your sales team an edge when negotiating with a client.

improve your sales process with dynamics 365 for sales - social networking

Social Media Integration

You can use Microsoft Social Listening with your Dynamics 365 software to listen to what consumers say on social media platforms. You can then react to any negative comments and explain how your products or services can help. LinkedIn Sales Navigator also integrates with Dynamics 365 for Sales. This means your sales team can search LinkedIn records and save prospects directly to your system.

This is a great way to add a virtually unlimited number of potential clients to your sales list.

Dynamics 365 for Sales Dashboards

You can view Dynamics 365 sales dashboards to give you an overview of how your teams are performing. This includes the Sales Mobile App. There is no need to spend hours collating information, as everything you need to know is at your fingertips. This can also be a good tool for motivating employees because you can challenge them to beat the previous month's figures.

Contact Integent for Dynamics 365 for Sales Expert Help

Integent is a market-leading company specializing in the provision of training, consulting, and support for the Dynamics 365 for Sales system. Our expert team can help your company implement this powerful software with minimum disruption. We also ensure your staff get the maximum amount of benefits from the amazing features at their disposal.

Our training services focus on helping your business increase sales revenues while improving the customer experience. This approach can benefit your business over the long term and put you in the ideal position for continued success. 

To arrange a demonstration and to find out more about how Integent can help your organization succeed with Microsoft products and services, contact the Integent team today.

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