This video provides an overview of the sales accelerator in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights. You will learn how to maintain business continuity with the sales accelerator, a digital-first experience that enables salespeople to work remotely.

What is the Sales Accelerator?

Sales teams are constantly focusing on high-demand selling. The salespeople that are part of these dynamic teams use an incredible amount of time working through leads to find the best (customer), looking across many different sources of information to pin-point who they need to interact with. As well as when, and by what medium.

The Sales accelerator in Dynamics 365 is here to help sales folks better handle these challenges. The Sales accelerator provides a customized experience for salespeople by streamlining the amount of time they spend locating the hot leads/customers. The Sales accelerator assimilates information across numerous sources and lets the sales team focus on coming up with the best method and approach to customers. This helps the sales team to be more efficient, be smart with selling, and do all of this by building and developing a solid pipeline. A sales pipeline that offers context, as well as automated recommendations throughout the sales sequence and process.

Using the Sales accelerator helps to achieve:

  • Sales teams are able to prioritize their list of customers in a simplified and streamlined way by using a work list that is intelligent. This list also helps the sales people know what leads are the most solid and therefore the next ones to reach out to by providing relevant sales information and context about the customer that is immediately available. This helps make every customer communication more meaningful.
  • Managers of the sales team us a sequence designer to configure sequences of activities that ensure sales people use the prescribed sales process and prioritize their day. This helps ensure productivity in their jobs, with a focus on wins.