Accurately calculating the critical path in a Microsoft Project schedule is extremely important if you want to hit your target dates. Calendar exceptions include items such as resource training, vacation, and other operational activities. Microsoft Project Online & Microsoft Project Server have the ability to setup administrative tasks specifically for the purpose of capturing these operational “keep the lights on” type of activities. Ultimately It is therefore absolutely necessary to ensure all resource calendar exceptions are accounted for when creating a schedule in Microsoft Project.

In this video we will show you two different methods in Microsoft PPM in which to accomplish this. First we’ll demonstrate using the Timesheet capabilities in the solution, which works well for organizations that are using this functionality. Next we’ll cover editing the resource calendar in Microsoft Project. Both methods achieve the same result. It’s up to your organization which works best for you. Make no mistake, however, all work that reduces a resources capacity to engage in project work must be accounted for in your organization. Otherwise when a project manager assigns a resource to a project schedule, they may not have a clear picture into the resources actual remaining availability, which can lead to over-allocation of a resource and project delays.

We hope you enjoy this training video!