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September 14, 2021

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Opening: Dynamics Project Operations

The Dynamics 365 Project Operations platform uses advanced technology and superior processes to help businesses manage, track, and deliver projects while maximizing revenues. Team members need the right tools to get the best results for your company, and the Project Operations system streamlines workflows for your project based services. This provides a better experience for all parties involved in your project.

benefits of dynamics 365 project operations - project financials

But, how do you know if you should invest in this platform when there are so many systems on the market. Fortunately, as well as being backed by the Microsoft name, the Dynamics 365 application Project Operations software also comes with plenty of excellent benefits.

Let's dive in and find out why you should start using this system today.

Improved Project Management

Keeping your project centric business organized can be challenging when managing a project of any size. But this is especially true when there are many people involved. It's easy for gaps to appear in your lead management and workflow processes, which could lead to client dissatisfaction. You could even incur higher costs and lose money. 

But, when using a project delivery automation tool, you can plan your tasks and monitor the progress at all times. The Dynamics 365 Project Operations software has Gantt charts that provide you with useful information at a glance. You can also customize dashboards to suit your needs. 

This level of organization allows you to better manage the day-to-day running of your project.

Better Deal Management Experiences

If you can provide clients with an improved project sales management experience, then you have an increased probability of closing deals. Your customers come to you for a service, so you need to interact with them more effectively than your competitors.

benefits of dynamics 365 project operations - resource management

When using the Dynamics 365 Project Operations platform, you can offer precise quotes. It's even possible to factor in geography and market conditions to the overall cost. There are also templates for providing estimates, and you can offer a range of contract types to suit your client. 

When the process is simpler, there is less risk of errors or confusion, ensuring everyone is on the same page right from the start of the project. 

Efficient Resource Allocation with Project Operations

One of the dangers of running a complex project is an inefficient allocation of resources. Ignoring resource management can lead to rising costs and delays in job delivery. It can also be disruptive for staff if they are not used effectively and end up duplicating colleagues' work. That's why the Dynamics 365 Project Operations software allows you to optimize resources according to their skillsets and availability. 

Because you have a birds-eye view of your project in real time, you can also plan ahead and allocate resources accordingly. For example, you may have employees who will be on annual leave while the project is ongoing. Or, the client may ask for a shorter delivery time, and you need to put more staff on their account. 

By being prepared, you can keep your project schedule on track, engage with staff, and avoid unnecessary stress.

Time Tracking and Expense Management

Forgetting to bill for worked hours can be a costly mistake. But, you could also overbill and lose the trust of your clients. You could use an Excel spreadsheet and then create a separate invoice for your customer, but this is time-consuming and there is an easier way.

The Dynamics 365 Project Operations platform has in-built time-tracking and expense management software. You can use time and expense management to bill for the correct amount every time. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to operate, and you can even submit invoices while on the go from the mobile app. 

It's also possible to create rules and automate workflows so you can be certain your reports are accurate while simultaneously decreasing your workload. 

benefits of dynamics 365 project operations - project financials

Evaluate Project Financials

Although you will have quoted your client a price for the project, there is no guarantee your costs will stay the same. Perhaps you'll need more time than expected, or materials go up in value and are more expensive to buy. It's vital to keep a close eye on all your costs to ensure you can complete the job within your budget.

Dynamics 365 Project Operations software allows you to easily view your project financials at any time. You can see what money is going out, and when you can expect to receive payment from clients. Not only is this a valuable tool for managing your current project, but it can help you for dealing with future clients.

For example, you can study the final project cost for one client, and use this data to prepare more realistic quotes for your next deal. Even project management accounting is simplified using Dynamics 365 finance, helping to determine project profitability.

Key Project Insights with Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Using project management technology gives you access to information you may not have seen before. It is difficult to get a spare moment when you are multitasking, and this can lead to making errors that could derail your plan.

The Dynamics 365 Project Operations platform keeps all your key data in one place. You can also access the software from any location. This makes it possible to view your project with fresh eyes at a time that suits you. This helps you gain a better understanding of the different tasks that need to come together to make your project a success.

benefits of dynamics 365 project operations - project management

Incorporating other Microsoft technologies such as Power Automate, Power Apps, and Microsoft Teams, help to exponentially increase an organizations ability to streamline their many complex business processes and collaborate with great effectiveness.

Learn More about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations with Integent

Integent's team of dedicated professionals believe in the power of the Dynamics 365 Project Operations. Our experts work closely with you to learn about your business. We then help you to integrate advanced software into your operations. 

We develop custom solutions, so your staff get the maximum benefit from using the latest approaches. Our teams can improve the project management experience for your team and your clients. From sales resources to improved customer service, our team provides the expertise and solutions to help you succeed.

To learn more and to get a free quote, contact the Integent team today.

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