What is Dynamics Project Operations?

Empower your project-centric services organization with Dynamics 365 Project Operations!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations is the project management module of the Dynamics 365 suite. It is a unified solution that combines different elements of a project-based service. It drives project success by enabling organizations to manage projects through project execution, gain visibility and collaborate between the teams.

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How Does Dynamics 365 Project Operations Work?

Dynamic 365 Project Operations connects sales, resourcing, project management, and accounting teams and project financials into a single application. No need for a separate Dynamics 365 Finance application. Such cross-functional collaboration aids in delivering unique customer experiences.

It drives the success of the project through improved productivity and useful insights. It maximizes operational excellence, project delivery speed and your profit margins.

Dynamics 365 Project Operations - An Overview - Unique

What is Unique About Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Most tools are designed to optimize a single project. But Dynamics 365 Project Operations combines all elements of project business. It enables project workers to collaborate more productively. With Dynamics 365 Project Operations, projects become more transparent, predictable, and profitable.

Key Features

Sales and Project Planning

  • Calculates sales opportunities by importing data from CRM.
  • Prepares quotes based on similar projects. A standard template is established to estimate costs and schedule quickly.
  • Ensures accuracy of quotes through in-depth dimensional analysis.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics impart timely insights to the sales team.
  • Allows customization of processes effortlessly.

Key Benefit: Helps to close more deals and reduces sales cycle.

Resource Management

  • The Universal Resource Scheduler informs resource managers about resource requirements.
  • Accurate forecasting of resource requirements.
  • Uses different criteria such as cost, availability, and skills to match the right resource to a requirement.
  • Ensures optimal resource utilization without any overlaps.

Key Benefit: Maximized resource use along with perfect alignment of the right people with the suitable projects. Also available is booking of resources in an all-up view. 

Dynamics 365 Project Operations - An Overview - time and budget

Time and Expense Management

  • An intuitive time entry grid allows team members to capture and record time easily.
  • Time and expense submissions can be made through a mobile app or a browser and from any location.
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities allow the automatic creation of expense lines from receipt images.
  • Allows team members to submit, approve, reconcile, and process expenses and time from any location.

Key Benefit: Simple yet efficient tracking of time and expense.

Project Management and Control

  • The Dynamics 365 application allows project managers to view sales data (quotes, project plans, estimates, etc.). This helps them to understand customer expectations better.
  • Includes multiple project management tools like Gantt charts, Kanban planning tools, and work breakdown structures.
  • Includes dashboards to keep track of the project costs, time, and materials.
  • The application enables AI insights and real-time tracking of projects.
  • Facilitates the integration of MS Project for added functionalities.

Key Benefit: Enables real-time monitoring of projects. The project manager can intervene and make changes whenever there is an issue.

Dynamics 365 Project Operations - An Overview - reporting

Billing and Reporting

  • Project managers can track, update, and approve all costs linked to the project.
  • Enables invoice generation and emailing to the respective customer.
  • Handles complex billing and contracting needs.
  • It facilitates efficient handling of fixed fee and expense billing on the same project.
  • The tool allows timely billing and revenue recognition.

Key Benefit: Expedites the quote-to-cash cycle and thus improves the cash flow cycle.

Team Collaboration

  • Creates a collaborative workplace that is shared among project members and partners.
  • Increases visibility across the project lifecycle and enhances process efficiency.
  • Project managers are continually updated with the status of their projects.
  • Project managers can proactively identify risks and resolve them efficiently.

Key Benefit: The application offers a secure platform for open communication and sharing of critical information. Add Power Apps and Power Automate for additional workflow and related capabilities.