This video highlights the benefits of using Activate Digital Selling solutions from Microsoft. Make the digital buying experience rich, personal, and efficient with predictive AI and unified customer data.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Marketing, Customer Insights and Customer Voice, provide a digital selling pathway. This is done by helping you better understand your customers, being connected, and building meaningful relationships and adapting to constant changes.

Understand your customers and uncover leads

Data is unified from multiple sources for a complete, 360 degree view of your customers. Create customer profiles from multiple dimensions, as well as define your own targeted segments with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.

These segments may be exported to Dynamics 365 Marketing in order to build and execute unique and targeted campaigns. The built-in artificial intelligence (AI) helps predict customers and their needs, in order to prioritize those leads that are sales-ready.

Enrich and unify every piece of customer data in order to create a complete profile of your customer across channels. This includes responses to campaigns, store visits (online/in-store), purchases, customer service encounters Internet of Things (IoT) signals and more

New audience segments are discovered with AI-driven recommendations. Predict next, best action, churn, recommendations of products with machine learning templates. Segments are activated and insights in Microsoft of third-party platforms. Dynamics 365 Marketing helps establish relationships and improve customer communications.

Orchestrate customer journeys that are seamless, and consist of personalized multichannel campaigns created to nurture sales teams. Reach all the right customers with the perfect message and the exact time in the necessary channel. Sales and marketing teams are aligned for lead and event management.

it’s a customer journey that is continuously nurtured leads, and provides information to help improve strategies for targeting. Create journeys for your customers with either custom or out-of-the-box templates. These include emails, emergency comms and newsletters. With A/B testing, always send the best email. AI helps determine the optimal time to send campaigns.

Easily organize and manage all your webinars and meetings with Microsoft Teams. Dynamics 365 Marketing helps with scheduling, registration and after-even communications. Organize all your events with tools made for planning and managing details about attendees, speakers, and the sessions. Nurture your audience the entire time. Dynamics 365 marketing delivers.