Finding a project manager with the right skills can be a difficult task. Some project management (PM) skills are harder to find than others. So what are the most difficult PM skills to recruit for now, a few recruiters weighted in on what they are looking for:

  1. 15 percent traditional project management skills and 85 percent soft skills, such as communications, engagement, leadership, and political savviness.
  2. There is no substitute for having the hands on technical engineering/development experiences to draw from when scoping, budgeting, architecting and communicating with the business users
  3. A combination of business acumen and technological insight is also an attribute that is currently highly sought-after, but very difficult to find, in many project managers.
  4. Change management experts also appear to be in short supply at the moment, particularly within the financial services arena, where this skills set is highly sought after

While in the short term the use of contractors and interims could help to meet the high levels of demand for PM’s, the longer term solution such as the development of existing talent will be beneficial, particularly given the costs often associated with the temporary staff option

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