If you find it difficult to get as much work done in the day as you’d like, follow these five helpful tips to hack your productivity.

  1. Establish your schedule – Essentially, you want to have your priorities figured out before you start your day, to avoid wasting time.
  2. Manage your mental energy – Try making as many little decisions the night before a big meeting or presentation, so you don’t have to waste energy on them in the morning. And put any major creative tasks at the top of your list. That way you can approach them with a fresh mind.
  3. Eliminate distractions – After you finish a challenging task, you can try doing something else that doesn’t take up too much energy, like straighten your desk or checking your email. It helps you become more present and practice letting distracting thoughts go and bringing yourself back to the task at hand
  4. Get mindful of healthy habits – Exercise and diet not only keep your body in top condition, but also keep your mind healthy and productive.
  5. Tailor your workspace – Figure out how to make your work environment fit your needs. And tidy your desk, so you won’t be overwhelmed by clutter.

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