Dynamics 365 Project Operations combines Dynamics CRM Sales and delivery capabilities with the project financials capabilities of Dynamics finance to help determine project profitability. What’s more, the product also includes the project management capabilities of Project for the Web (Project Power App) to help project centric organizations better plan, manage and execute projects. In short, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations connects sales, resourcing, project management, and finance teams in a single application to accelerate project delivery and maximize profitability.
Look to Dynamics 365 Project Operations to help project based services organizations better manage project schedules as well as:

  • in more deals with better management of contracts, more accurate quotes, forecasting, estimate and quotes.
  • Manage projects with easy-to-use Microsoft Project for the Web capabilities including Kanban boards and Gantt charts.
  • Ensure the right people are on the right projects through optimize resources scheduling, governance and skills-based matching.

1. Staff Resources

dynamics 365 project operations resource management

As part of the solutions resource management capabilities, you can use staff resources to discover the most qualified individuals to work on projects. Schedule based on project requirements or skills and availability to ensure ideal operations with sales resourcing. Based on the utilization rate, you’ll charge customers by dividing the number of billable hours by working hours.

Your team will have access to manage and submit timesheets on their mobile device remotely as part of time and expense management. You’ll save time completing timesheets using copies from previous timesheets, codes, and copying employee’s assigned projects. This reduces future mistakes when manually entering each project into the system.

You and your team will be able to leave comments for each project. You can communicate with one another internally, simplifying remote working. Your team will have access to communicate project details with clients by attaching comments to invoices.

Want to help ensure your project is a success? This Dynamics 365 application has you covered.

2. Global Address Book

The global address book is one of the essential benefits of project operations. It contains contact information for all internal and external professionals that do business with your company. This includes consumers, team members, vendors, clients, competitors, and other contacts.

The global address book can account for contacts that have multiple roles for the company. You could have a contact that’s a customer and a vendor. The update has made it possible to address them for all the roles.

To create one, you’ll open the address book and select the party type. From there, you’ll select all roles the contact acts as for your team. Then, select the type of transaction associated with the contact before choosing which location to store their information.

dynamics 365 project operations teamwork

3. Transportation Management

Transportation management provides you the ability to identify vendors, the fastest route, or the least expensive shipping rate for orders. For outbound orders, you can use transportation management to determine charges and share them with consumers. Although this isn’t a requirement, you can use this feature to accurately determine rates and sale prices.

While learning how transportation management works, you should know you can’t automate transactions between legal entities. You’ll need to manage these transactions manually, by creating a purchase order. For legal entities that provide logistics services, you can utilize transportation management to determine rates.

You can use external logistics providers in this feature and adjust the price accordingly. If the company is using internal fleet systems, you can add the cost in the invoice or include it in the fixed rate. If it’s another legal entity within your business, you can include that as well.

Ways to Improve Teamwork

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  • Motivation
  • Communication
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  • Emotional awareness
  • Positive mindset
  • Stress tolerance

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