By now you’ve probably heard of Power Automate, formerly Flow, which is part of the Power Platform stack from Microsoft. Power Automate, along with Power Apps, can extend the capabilities of applications in many ways. Power Automate is often used to create automated workflows.

Just imagine manual processes in an organization today where we can use Microsoft Power Automate and use process automation to automate repetitive tasks and streamline business processes? Best of all, the product works with many Microsoft applications, including SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Project Online, and more. Create customized processes and automate tasks today to simplify your organizations processes. Below are a few creative ideas.

Send Planner Tasks In Microsoft Teams

If your team heavily relies on Microsoft Teams to organize and discuss work, adding it to Planner may be a highly suited option.

Within the workflow, you may specify which team and channel the message should be sent to. Additionally, you may modify the message sent by inserting the task’s title, due date, and the team member who generated the job. It is easy to elicit responses from the team member using adaptive cards, which is very useful for getting updates.

Process Forms For Approval

You are not limited to connecting only two services when creating workflows. This example demonstrates how to initiate an approval process when a form is submitted. It utilizes Microsoft Forms, Approval, Microsoft SharePoint, Users, and Office 365 Outlook.

For instance, you could create a form for reserving a meeting space. Employees can then complete a form to request the meeting room’s use. If the request is approved, it will be added to SharePoint as a new item, and the employee who submitted it will receive an email.

Automate Customer Emails

At times, you may decide to send a single email to a group of customers or clients. For example, you may wish to inform a few of your clients that you are offering a promotion that may be of interest to them. Alternatively, that you will be out of the office for the next week and should contact a coworker if they require assistance.

Anyone who has worked in the business for a long period of time understands how much happier your clients will be if the email is also personalized. It is more personal than receiving a generic promotion or apology email.

Save Your Emails to a SharePoint Folder

This is a great way to backup all your emails. Set up an Automation that uses filters to save certain emails in a particular folder on SharePoint. These could be responses to a customer campaign.

Why Should You Use Power Automate?

Power Automate is an excellent tool for storing data, creating reports, and automating processes. As a user-friendly and business-optimizing tool, it enables you to automate tedious and complex business operations. Acknowledging that the Power Automate utility’s objective is to reduce labor that could take several days into a few hours.

A critical component of a modern digital workplace is the development of technologies. These technologies should support and strengthen workers. For example, power Automate enables companies to operate more efficiently. It also provides employees with an exceptional user experience.

For one, it may among other things:

  • Collect data
  • Approve off-cycle payments
  • Coordinate meetings
  • Automate email distribution
  • Schedule social media material

Finally, it is less labor-intensive and accomplishes more. Finally, it is less labor-intensive and accomplishes more.

Power Automate can alter your business. How? By improving the tools that enable productivity and enable individuals.

Automate the Mundane Stuff

Every business has repetitive, often mundane tasks. Automating business functions provides many organizational benefits to your company. The biggest benefit is that your business can focus on critical activities.

These activities include market growth, service delivery, go-to-market strategy, and any other significant objectives your business may have.

If you’re considering using Power Automate for your company, contact us to make your company more successful!