I have created a Budgeted resources by accident. Now I can’t remove the Budget from the Type – it is greyed out in the Resource Centre when I go to edit and I cannot change it in MS Project Professional when I take the resource in there. Not even sure how I created this as I followed my usual process for creating a new resource. It was a Generic resource that I created.


Sometimes the system does not allow a resource type to be changed.  If this is the case the desired item will be grayed out.  What you will need to do in these instances is actually delete, then recreate the resource.  Does this help?



Yes, we did determine that there was no other way to change the resource Type – would you know how it was created as a Budget resource initially – that is what is perplexing.  The person who entered the resource says she did everything as normal when creating a resource.



We see things like this happen relatively often.  Meaning, a user will swear they did something as they always do it, yet, the result was not as expected.  My take would be this, if the issue cannot be replicated, it was most likely either a fluke/one-time happening (not likely though), or, user error.  I’ve even done these things myself in the past, so I am in no way claiming to be perfect.