We all have numerous work projects going on at any time, but how do we keep them all on track and complete them on time and on budget. Here are 5 easy steps to perform a management health check, to ensure that your project continually stays on the correct track.

How to Conduct a Health Check

  1. Establish a project plan.
  2. Collaborate with the team.
  3. Monitor expenses.
  4. Do not accept all change.
  5. Keep stakeholders a priority.

Any good project needs an equally good plan. A simple task list helps to develop the foundation for a schedule. Each item on the list should have an appointed owner tasked with keeping that element on track and ensuring that it does not fall through the cracks and become a problem in the future. Definitive dates that specify when a project is to start and finish will help to eliminate confusion and help to keep everyone in line. If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. A good Project Management software like Microsoft Project that monitors all of the above, could be just what your company needs to be successful.

Then you always need to utilize your team- they are your greatest asset. Collaboration and strong relationships help to propel projects forward and improve productivity. For all your Project management needs please Contact us today and we can get you up and running in no time. For even more information on Project Management Health Checks, here is the full article from Accelerating IT Success.