Lets say you want to remove sub-project from one master project and add it to other master project. You may receive following message when you try to add it to other master project.

Error: The project that you are trying to insert is a sub project in other projects and may prevent the current project from being published



You will get the above message if you have not removed the sub project from first master project correctly. Most of the time we just remove the sub-project by deleting the sub-project task from master project which is not the correct way to remove it.

Below are the steps to remove the sub-project from master project in correct way.

  1. Open the master project.
  2. Select the sub project task and click on Task Information.
  3. Click on Advance tab and uncheck “Link to Project” check box.
  4. Select the sub-project row and delete it along with all it’s subtasks.
  5. Save and publish the master project.

Now you won’t receive the above message if you try add this sub project in another master project.