We have been getting some questions around Sub Project – Program/Portfolio relationships for Project Workspaces.  This blog is pretty helpful.  Thank you — Project Server Blogs:  http://projectserverblogs.com/?p=917

How to move a sub Project Workspace to another programme site


This blog details how to move the WSS workspace between sub-sites. This may occur if a project is moved between programmes (setting up a programme is discussed in this  blog here http://appleparkltd.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!EB0688A7A6F04E1D!307.entry 

Process Overview

By default, Microsoft Office Project Professional 2007 creates a project workspace site on Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 when it publishes a project. When a sub-project creates a workspace, the user has the option of also creating the project workspace as a sub-site of the programme. This creates a hierarchy of sites as shown in Figure 1, where Programme1 has two sub projects (A & B), and Programme2 has two sub projects (C & D).


Figure 1 – Programme and PRoject Workspace relationships

If Project C is moved between programmes (due to reorganisation or setup issues) then the WSS site by default  not moved. The following steps show how to move the WSS site. The example will show Project C moving to be part of Programme1 (Figure 2).

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