We have a client that has a pretty significant issue with PS2010.  What happens, is when you publish a project from PWA the work hours in pro and pwa will match.  The cost, however, may not.  A publish with the Project Professional client resolves the issue, making the metrics between PWA and ProjPro consistent and in sync.  The issue, however, is that the project MUST be opened in ProjPro to resolve the inconsistent actuals.  In this case, the client does not want to have to, nor should they have to, publish all projects via ProjPro.  Since this client has 100s of active projects this is a huge issue.  it basically makes the AutoPublish functionality unusable.

02/03/2012: Microsoft is aware of the issue and working on a fix.  Unfortunately the complexity of the fix is delaying the release, because when they fix one thing, another breaks.  It will therefore be at least April before we see a cumulative update addressing this issue.