Understanding dependencies between projects is critical to ensuring projects not only come in on budget, however, they also come in on schedule. Although it may be enticing to use one very large project with many tasks, it’s often easier to manage several smaller, sub-projects. By creating intra-project dependencies or external dependencies, we can still understand the relationships between these sub-projects as if they were one large project. In this Quick Tip video, we create dependencies between projects using Microsoft Project Professional and a temporary master project. We then insert the projects we want to create the dependencies. Once the MS Project schedules are inserted we create dependencies just like we would for any other MS Project Schedules. The difference comes into play when we close and save our project(s). We do not want to save the blank, temporary master project, however, we do want to save the other projects since they now have the relationships.

Watch this Quick Tip Microsoft Project Online Training video as we walk you through all the steps required to use intra-project dependencies using Microsoft Project Online.

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