Hello Folks, now this is an interesting topic and question:  Can you create a Master Project Template in Project Server 2010?  that follows last week’s blog posting Cross Project Dependencies, Linking tasks, and subprojects in Project Server 2010.

The answer is Yes – you sure can create a Master Project Template that has Subprojects in it with cross project dependencies.  However you should ask yourself – is this really what we are looking for?  We can provide additional feedback on the process recommendations on creating a master template in a subsequent blog, however this blog will walk you through how to create that master template.

Why would you want to do this?  If you have several common deliverables, tasks, WBS items that you wanted to template’ize and have them all contained in a Master project template.

First you need to create a Master Project. See below we created a Master project with two (2) Subprojects.  We created a cross project link between the 1st subproject and the 2nd subproject on the  ‘Determine Project Scope’ tasks. 


Then you Save the project template as a template.  On the save – change the type dropdown to ‘template’ instead of project to create your template and select those values you do NOT want to carry over into the template.

Your template will be created and you can see it when you go to Enterprise Template, here you can see the Sample Master Project enterprise template that we created:


Any thoughts or questions – use the comment or send us an e-mail.