As a trainer for Integent, I often stumble across new features by accident. While demonstrating the web-based editing capabilities in Project Online 2013 I realized that I was able to create a Start to Start dependency and even use lead and lag time! Thank you Microsoft!!

PRoject picture

With the release of Project Server 2010 came web-based editing. Up until recently Project Server 2013, Project Online and Project Server 2010 only allowed the default dependency of Start to Finish when editing and creating projects in the web. Templates would display all other types dependencies, however editing lead or lag time or modifying the dependency type had to be done in Project Professional. This posed a limitation for Project Managers that did not have Project Professional.

Project Managers now have tremendous editing capabilities directly in the web. They can baseline, use all three types of resources (Work, Material, Cost), link tasks using all four dependency types, apply constraints, and change the Status Manager. Sorry Project Server 2010 users, you will not be able to baseline in the web or use material and cost resources.

From a licensing perspective this is a huge improvement. More organizations can manage projects directly in the web without purchasing a license for Project Professional.

I can’t wait to see what’s next. Rescheduling uncompleted work?

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