Overview: Dynamics 365 Project Operations Benefits

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations benefits organizations by connecting sales, resource management, project management, and finance teams in a single application to win more deals, accelerate project delivery, and maximize profitability.

When it comes to Dynamics 365 Project Operations benefits, the application is an incredibly powerful by itself.  It can, however, have it’s capabilities expanded by those customers that require it.  Other Dynamics capabilities such as Customer Services, Marketing, and Human Resources may be added.  In addition to these, The Power Platform products such as Power BI, Power Automate, and Power Apps can vastly increase Dynamics Project Operations capabilities to ensure the product provides unique customer-centric workflow, reporting and dashboards, and other functionality.

Benefits of Using MS Dynamics 365 Project Operations - customer satisfaction

1)    Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Predictable projects allow project managers to meet the promised deadlines and budgets quickly. When goals are achieved, customer satisfaction is met. By providing enhanced project management capabilities, Project Operations helps project managers better manage and execute projects. Power BI may be used to provide enhanced reporting and alerts management to problematic projects, ensuring corrective action is taken as soon as possible.

2)    Better Business Agility with Project Operations

D365 Project Operations provides powerful, configurable dashboards and real-time analytics, which allow team members to understand upcoming business needs. Power BI eliminates data siloes. Insightful information from the app enables every member of project-based organizations to act at the right time. Real-time, accurate data is critical to the success of any services-based business.

3)    Increased Profitability

Project managers can optimize project profitability by using configurable project costing, governance, and compliance capabilities. The project management accounting features such as multi-currency, revenue recognition, and project financials allow businesses to support global teams. The best accounting functionality practices are always adhered to.

4)    Dynamics Project Operations Benefits includes Providing Greater Business Acumen

The application shortens the sales cycle by providing clear insights and collaboration across teams. Flexible pricing models allow customized resource-based costing. It builds the ability to create proposals that fit perfectly into customer expectations. Integrate with Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Finance for deeper pipeline management and sales insights.

5)    Improved Productivity and Collaboration

Another benefit of Dynamics 365 Project Operations is members from different teams can collaborate across the project lifecycle. Integrate the application with Microsoft Teams for greater visibility and communication. The team members can submit time and expenses from anywhere and from any device.

All project team members are able to collaboration on critical project information. This includes stakeholders and customers in a shared project workspace.  Team collaboration greatly enhances the flow of information, which is critical to project success.

6)    Equip Project Managers with the Right Tools

Give project managers the best tools to manage projects efficiently. Dynamics 365 Project Operations benefits by providing Project planning and creating a project schedule with embedded capabilities like scheduling, dashboards, and interactive charts allow managers to drive project success. Power BI may be used to create dynamics and powerful dashboards.

Display key performance indicators (KPI) for cost, duration and other critical information to management and stakeholders.  Utilize a Project workspace for helpful management and collaboration for team members on critical project collateral.

7) Opportunity Management

Dynamics Project Operations helps organizations keep track of potential sales opportunities. Use customized resource-based costing and pricing based on geography and local market economies. Sales pipeline management and the sales dashboards combine customer data from multiple sources into a single view. Use either fixed-price, time & materials and retainer-type deal structures for project-based organizations.

Other Dynamics 365 Modules

  • Extend Project Operations with Dynamics 365 Sales if your company sells products while carrying out projects. Connect to Dynamics 365 Sales to consolidate customer data from multiple sources into one unified view. Derive customer insights and personalize customer service using relevant customer data.
  • Combine Dynamics 365 Finance and Project Operations seamlessly using Microsoft Dual-Write. The Dynamics 365 application adds more finance-based functionalities to Project Operations.
  • Scale the Project Operations module with Dynamics 365 Field Service to ensure the right resource is dispatched to the correct location at the right time.

Microsoft Power Platform

Use Power Apps to custom build an application and integrate it to Dynamics 365 Project Operations for additional benefits to deliver projects. Additionally, you can also extend Dynamics 365 Project Operations with other third-party applications to help deliver projects on time.

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