Keep reading to discover how you can improve productivity. The following will help you use Microsoft applications to accomplish duties more effectively. Here are three tips for managing Tasks by Planner and To Do.

The psychological evidence indicates highly productive individuals participate in certain behaviors. They maintain boundaries between their work and personal life, they take breaks to avoid burning out, and they won’t take on new tasks when they’re overworked. These professionals also collaborate on projects that benefit all parties.

1. Create a Tracking System

You can use To Do to create lists and oversee your day in multiple views. You can add steps, flag emails, add the tasks, add reminders, and add the due date to each task. You can also make daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual assignments.

3 Tips for Effectively Managing Tasks by Planner and To Do - Create accounts

Planner creates a visual overview of your activities, you can search team tasks, including a due date, and utilize a schedule view. You can create a tracking system using To Do and Planner by going to the settings in To Do and switching on the toggle. This helps you see your tasks assigned to you in planner without switching apps.

2. Create Accounts in Tasks by Planner and To Do

When it comes to work and team tasks, you should use a business email for easier sharing. This makes it easier for sharing objectives and splitting tasks with your team. Be aware, if your employer shuts down your account, you’ll lose access to your to-do lists.

You should create a separate account for personal to-do lists. These can be your grocery lists, chores, errands, and family tasks. Since it’s not connected to your work, you’ll be successfully separating your work life from your personal life.

3. Choose to Access from Anywhere

Both apps are available on mobile, web, and Microsoft Teams. You can log in to the office on any browser and search for To Do or Planner. In Teams, they’re combined in an app labeled Tasks.

3 Tips for Effectively Managing Tasks by Planner and To Do - choose between managing tasks

Those with a MacBook should download To-Do as a Windows app from the Microsoft 365 Store. The installed version is better than the web version for Mac users. You can optimize your Microsoft Project tasks list with online support.

How to Choose Between Managing Tasks by Planner and To Do

The tech community recommends different tasks apps for different projects. The Microsoft task management apps are designed for numerous situations. With individual tasks It comes down to solo, team, deliverables, and dependencies.

Managing tasks by Planner and To Do can improve your team channel or individual priorities. You can use Microsoft Support to help decide which is the best option for your task management and when all the apps can be beneficial for your needs.

Increase Your Productivity Today

Increase productivity with a little help from Microsoft Office 365 applications and experts. These three tips for managing tasks by Planner and To Do will improve your work. You can use what you read today as a guide to overseeing projects.

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