We really try to keep all our projects on schedule and in budget, but even with the best people on the job, you can have delays. This is a helpful list of 15 things you need to avoid, so you don’t screw up your next IT project from CIO Magazine:

  1. Having a poor or no statement of worth
  2. Not setting expectations up front
  3. Not securing Management buy in
  4. Using the same methodology for all size projects
  5. Overloading team members
  6. Waiting or not wanting to share information
  7. Not having a clearly defined decision making process
  8. Not using a project Management software system (this is where MS Project Now can really help you!)
  9. Allowing scope creep (or excessive scope creep)
  10. Being afraid to say no
  11. Not being a team player
  12. Poor communication
  13. Too many, too long status meetings
  14. Not caring about quality – the good enough syndrome
  15. Not learning from past project mistakes

Avoiding the pitfalls on this list will help to ensure your project’s success. Certainly #8 -a good project management software system is critical. MS Project Now can assist you with that every step of the way. Please contact us today to help.