Another successful day of training on Project Server 2010 for Project Managers.  We had some questions that I wanted to share with folks like you as you may find the responses helpful.
Enjoy.  Do you have any questions that we can answer?

Questions and Responses:

1. Can you do multi-level undo on Master Project?   Yes

2. What is task priority used for?

Tasks with the lowest priority are delayed or split first. Priority levels range from 0 – 1000. The lowest priority is 0. The default priority is 500.

Priority Indicates how available a task is for delay during resource leveling. Enter a number between 0 and 1000, with the higher number indicating a higher priority task. The higher the priority, the less likely a task will be delayed for resource leveling. Set the priority to 1000 (do not level) if you don’t want Microsoft Project to delay this task at all when leveling.

3. Why is the ‘Schedule Ignore Resource Calendars’ checkbox inactive?

This field only can be modified when you apply a task calendar to the task.

Then you have the option of scheduling of the task takes into account the calendars of all the resources assigned to the task. If the box is checked, then you are indicating that only the task calendar is considered in the scheduling of this task (and not the resource calendars)

Did you know that Microsoft Project does the following?

Working with Critical Path and Deadlines:  When you add a Deadline to a task that is on the critical path and then you remove that deadline it takes the task off the critical path. This was demonstrated by Jacques in the class.