We had another successful delivered MPUG.  Thank you all that submitted feedback, accolades, and questions.  We answered many questions during the Q&A session online however we had a few more.  Please see below and feel free to submit your comments or any other questions that you may have.

Question:  Can you wrap text in Project 2007?

Jacques’ Response:  Microsoft Project 2007 will only wrap text in table fields if the ALL of following conditions exist:  

    • The row height is set to a number greater than 1.  Thus if you have a default Gantt Chart you will need to resize the tasks (row height for you to see text wrapping
    • The column width is too narrow to display all the text on one line.
    • The text includes spaces between words.  If you have one big long word then it (obviously) will not wrap.

      If these do not exist – you need to manually increase the row height and the others to get Project 2007 to text wrap.
      The difference in Project 2010 – it wraps automatically – this is a nice new feature.


Question:  Can both MS Project 2007 and MS Project 2010 be installed on the same workstation?
I would like to start using v2010 but everyone else at my work uses either 2007 or 2003

Jacques’ Response:
  Yes you can have both Project 2007 and Project 2010 installed on your workstation (given it meets the requirements which are very minimal).  However you can not have both version open at the same time.  Only one version (either Project 2007 or Project 2010) per workstation can be open at a time.


Question:  Can When the resources are shared, what happens to the same resource that is being allocated for the time across multiple projects?

Jacques’ Response:  In the webcast, I showed using the Resource Pool functionality in Project 2010 Professional (it would also work the same way in Project 2010 Standard).  If a resource is shared, you can see that resource’s availability and assignments across all projects that are using the same Shared Resource Pool.