Working on a Project Site in Project Server 2013 or Project Online can be extremely frustrating when it’s time to navigate back to the project center or the PWA home page. From other pages, if you click on the logo in the upper left corner it automatically takes you to the PWA home page. This is not the case within a project site; clicking that icon will take you to the project site home page.

This really annoys me so I found a workaround. To create a link on a Project Site for easy navigation back to the Project Center or PWA home page, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to a Project Center
  2. Click on “Edit Links” image
  3. Click “Link” image
  4. Enter the text you want displayed. In this example, I will use “Project Center”
  5. Enter the URL you want to navigate to when clicking on the link and then click “OK”. For Project Center, you will use /pwa/projects.aspx. (note that “/pwa” is the name of this instance. If the name of your instance is different, you will enter /name/projects.aspx. For example, my demo environment uses this URL: https://… for the home page. So the URL I enter into the box for adding a link would be /cindydemo/projects.aspx
  6. image
  7. Click “Save” at the top image
  8. You will now see your link to Project Center at the top of the screen image

If you’d like to add this to all new Project Sites, you’ll need to create a Project Site template and attach it to an EPT. For more information on how to do that, click here.