If you need to create a custom template in MS Project Professional 2013, good luck finding it once it has been created. Sure, you can navigate to folder you saved it to, but try finding it when you go to File, New. I mean, that’s where the templates are supposed to be, right? I’ll show you how to find your templates, but first let me explain the problem.

You create the schedule and have entered all of the options, tasks, etc… that you want to keep in the template. In this case, I only have one task and have named the template ‘Template Test’. When I go to File, Save As, I don’t immediately get the option to save it as a template. First, I have to select a location for it.


So I’m going to play along and double click on Computer so I can navigate to the templates folder. I found this here: C:UsersCindyAppDataRoamingMicrosofttemplates Now that I have created my template, I should be able to navigate to File, New and select it, right? Wrong! When I close the template file and go to File, New, here’s what I see:


Thanks to Ben Howard, MVP, the mystery has been solved. See, when you install MS Project Professional, the template location is blank, by default. So you have to tell Project where to retrieve templates. To do this, simply navigate to File, Options and then select the Save tab. Enter the location for your templates as you see below:


The results? Now when you have saved a template and go to File, New, you will see a tab at the top called ‘Personal’. This is where you will find your templates. (For those of you using Project Server, this tab will be called ‘Enterprise’.)