If you want to customize your Project Site and have those customizations show up for all NEW projects, follow the steps below (We also have a Quick Tip video on this topic):

  1. Navigate to any Project Site (I recommend creating a ‘test’ project for this purpose)
  2. Customize the site to your heart’s content (for example, customize the issues or risks form or add a link back to Project Center from the Project Site)
  3. When are are done, click on the gear in the upper right corner and then click “Site Settings”
  4. image
  5. Click “Save Site as Template”
  6. image
  7. Enter a File name and a Template name
  8. If you want to include any of the risks, issues, or documents already on the site, check the box next to “Include Content” then click “OK”
  9. Once the save has been completed (this may take several seconds) you will see the following message:
  10. image
  11. Click “OK”

You’ve created the template but it isn’t attached to any of the Enterprise Project Types so you will never see it. If you want it to be the default Project Site template for the out of the box default Enterprise Project Type (or any other EPT), you’ll need to attach the Project Site template to an Enterprise Project Type:

  1. Navigate to Project Center and click on “Server Settings” from the Quick Launch Menu
  2. Click on “Enterprise Project Types”
  3. image
  4. Click on the name of the EPT you want associated with this Project Site Template
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the drop down below “Project Site Template” and select your new Project Site
  6. image
  7. Click “Save”

From this point forward, any project that is created with that EPT will use the new template you created.


Happy Scheduling