Recently I was working on an engagement where I had created an OLAP based report for Project Server 2010 and wanted to save it to the Sample Reports folder so it would open in an Internet Browser window.  Creating the report was simple enough, as was saving it to that folder.  When attempting to run the report, however, I consistently received an

The Data Connection File .com/pwa”>https://portal.<>.com/pwa….. OLAPPortfolioAnalyzer.odc used in the workbook is not in a trusted location.  The following connections failed to refresh: OLAP Portfolio Analyzer


It wasn’t until I read the message closely enough that I realized the URL referenced in the message was the URL for the folder that contained the odc for the OLAP based report.  I.E. the folder that’s created upon building the OLAP database.  Once I realized this it made complete sense.  I subsequently added the URL to my Trusted Data Connections for Excel Services and Problem Solved!