With a net worth estimated at over US$2211.6 billion, it’s safe to say the Microsoft Corporation continues to design products that make considerable positive contributions to their customers. 

One such product is the Dynamics 365 Business Central Platform. This is is a crucial business management solution that can help many small and medium-sized companies improve their processes.

But is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central the right option for your business?

Implementing new applications can sometimes be disruptive if you choose the wrong system. Therefore, you need to be sure this solution will significantly benefit your staff and clients.

The good news is that there are many incredible advantages of using Business Central software in your company, including finance and operations.

Read on to find out why customers and partners alike should switch to this platform.

Dynamics 365 Business Central in Focus - minimal costs

1) Minimal Costs

Gone are the days when installing a new software system meant paying a huge upfront fee.

Dynamics Business Central is a cloud-based application. Therefore, there is no need to buy servers or other costly hardware. Instead, you simply pay a small monthly fee to allow your staff access to the system. 

You can decide to pay for in-office help from IT support professionals. Or you could opt for remote support. This can reduce your costs while providing faster solutions.

2) Dynamics 365 and Data Centralization

The Microsoft Dynamics platform keeps all your data in one central cloud-based location. You can then share this information instantly across each of your departments. This means your employees are always on the same page.

Each time a staff member adds to this database or makes an amendment, the system updates in real-time. This ensures your teams always have access to the most up-to-date information. 

This can be vital if your employees move to a hybrid home and office working arrangement.

Your team can work from any location and always view the same data as a colleague based in another part of the world.

Dynamics 365 Business Central in Focus - data warehouse

3) Warehouse Management System

You can optimize your supply chain using the Microsoft 365 warehouse management feature. It’s possible to have a predictive stock replenishment system based on sales projections and current supply levels.

Because the software automates this process, your staff are more efficient. They can carry on with other tasks and let the system handle this part of the job.

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