I want to give PWA 2010 users the ability to manually input data in a column at the task level of a project. I have been able to create an Enterprise Custom field that comes up in the project but the field is read only. Is this an easy doable solution?



Hello and thank you for your question.  Basically I have two questions about the field you created.

  1. Was the custom field created with and entity type of Task?  This is required so the field will be editable at the task level.
  2. When attempting to fill a value in for the field and assuming item 1 above is correct, are you trying to select a value for the field on a task and not the project level record?

Ultimately the answer to your question is yes.  It’s just a question of whether the field was created as a Task custom field and that you are attempting to select a value at the task level (and not the project level)

Feel free to respond to this blog post if you have additional questions.



Update 1

Below is an example in which I created two task custom fields, one of type text, the other uses a lookup table.


Created two custom fields:

  • PCT – Complete – TEXT (manually enter values)
  • PCT – Complete –LT (uses lookup table)


Here is the lookup table, with progressing 25, 50, 75, 100 available



Launch Project Professional, expose new fields.  Both are editable and can be set at task level



Expose in Project Level view In Project Web App.  Both are editable.




To confirm, are you wanting them to enter this data in the My Tasks page perhaps?  The examples above are assuming the resource is the Project Manager.