The Integent team was surprised to see this yellow banner appearing on the Home page, Resource Center and Server Settings page in some of our customer’s Project Online environments.


Having blogged about this a couple of weeks ago we are familiar with the new features available to 2016 but what happens if you activate it and you are currently using 2013? Once it is activated it cannot be undone. Resource plans will be automatically migrated to Engagements and the Resource Plan button will disappear from the Project ribbon.



The migration will not take place during peak production hours. Once this has been set in motion you will have two choices, upgrade to Project Online 2016 or submit a ticket to Microsoft and request they restore your environment which could result in a loss of data.

Integent recommends that you do not activate this new feature until you have upgraded to 2016. Unfortunately one of our 2013 customers activated the new features and the migration failed. Project Online is in read only mode and they have been advised that restoring may take up to 72h and a minimum of 6-12h.

Some of the Office applications in the portals have been updated as well. If you receive a warning that installing Project 2016 will remove all other Office applications(2013), cancel! You cannot install Project 2016 with 2013 Office products.

Hopefully you will read this first before activating new features or downloading Project 2016!

Enjoy and let us know your thoughts.  Would you like more information on Project Server, Training, and Support, just let us know or contact us at [email protected] for more information.