One of the most exciting new features in Project Pro 2016 and Microsoft Project Online is Resource Engagements. Everyone at Integent is talking about this great new feature and how it can provide better communication between Resource Managers and Project Managers.

Resource Managers can flag a resource as requiring approval prior to project assignments by selecting the checkbox when editing a resource in the enterprise resource pool.


Project Managers will know the resource requires approval if they have a clip_image004 symbol in the indicator column.

Note: Your project must be saved, checked out to you and already published to use the engagements functionality.

  • Click Add Engagement
  • Complete the Engagement Information dialog box selecting the resource from your team, Start and Finish dates, the percentage of time you would like to assign the resource to tasks in your project, work can also be used in place of units
  • Click Ok


  • Navigate to the Resource Plan view


  • Locate the new engagement you just created, it will have a green indicator clip_image002[11]
  • From the Engagements tab select Submit | Submit Selected Engagements
  • The Engagement Status field will display Proposed


  • Resource Managers can Accept or Reject your request
  • Click Refresh to view the current status


Note: Committed indicates the request was approved. If Rejected look for a note that may include information as to why and what changes you may need to make.

Enjoy and let us know your thoughts.  Would you like more information on Project Server, Training, and Support, just let us know or contact us at [email protected] for more information.