It can be challenging for resource managers and project managers to agree on and assign resources for specific projects and tasks. With no clear way to track who is working where, who is over-allocated—and with crossed lines of communication, things can start to break down.

To address these challenges, Microsoft is introducing a new capability in the next update of Project called Resource Engagements, which helps align project managers and resource managers on the specific amount of work and time period associated with a project. Resource Engagements are an evolution of the old Resource Plan feature in PWA and all of your existing Resource Plan data will be converted to engagements upon activation or upgrade.

What can Project Managers do?

  1. In Project Pro you’ll be able to create requests for resources in the new Resource Plan view.
  2. You can view the requests for the resources that you manage across all projects on the new Resource Requests page.
  3. You can make decisions about who is available using the capacity planning heat map.
  4. You can then edit, accept, or reject the requests on the Resource Requests page.
  5. You can create a New Engagement, which is automatically accepted and visible to the project manager who owns the project.
  6. Existing Resource Plans in PWA will all be automatically converted into Engagements, and the old Resource Plan view will be removed.
  7. If you want to generate reports on how resources are being used in relation to engagements, you can create a custom report using OData,which supports the new engagement fields.

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